Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

The Diagnostic Ultrasound Application period typically opens in early January and closes in late February each year. Applicants who are selected begin their training in fall quarter of that year.

Where can I get a copy of the application form?

Applications are submitted online.

How do I pay the $40.00 program application fee?

The $40.00 non-refundable application fee needs to be paid online as part of the online application.  Your application will not be successfully completed until the fee has been paid.

I am a not a BC student yet – do I need to be a BC student to apply?

Yes, you will need to complete the Bellevue College General Admission Application BEFORE you can complete the Diagnostic Ultrasound online application.

If applications are done online – how do I submit my video statement?

All required documents (including the required head shot) will be uploaded to the online application as instructed within the application instructions.

Do I need to submit official copies of my transcripts?

When submitting your application to the program, you may submit unofficial copies of your transcripts for each college that you have attended for the prerequisite courses. Sealed official copies will be required if you are accepted into the program.

When do I need to finish the prerequisite courses in order to apply?

Prerequisite courses need to be finished by the end of winter quarter of the application year (with grades submitted to no later than April 1 of the application year).

Do I need to attend an information session in order to apply to the program?

Yes, applicants are required to attend at least one of our program information sessions. You can find the schedule of upcoming information sessions on the Information Session webpage.  Attendees are required to review the four presentations on the Information Session page PRIOR to attending the information session.

Is there a wait list?

No, the Diagnostic Ultrasound program does not utilize a wait list.

How many people apply each year?

Approximately 100 applications are received annually.

How many are re-applicants?

Approximately 35% of applications each year are from reapplicants

When will I know if I am accepted into the program?

Applicants will be notified by early summer (typically sometime in June, but the application timeline does vary from year to year).

Do I have to have health care experience to apply?

Although professional health care experience (medical, dental, chiropractic care, massage therapy, optometry etc.) is very helpful, it is not required.  However, please note that due to the extremely competitive application process, often individuals who do not earn the health care experience OR volunteer experience points are not competitive applicants.

Last Updated March 9, 2023