Prepare for Your WE Intake Appointment

We recommend completing as any many of these steps as possible before your intake appointment. However, your advisor can still meet with you and provide assistance while you work on these.

Apply for Admission

New to Bellevue College?

Apply for admission.

Once your application is processed (typically takes 2-3 business days):

Returning student?

If it’s been more than a year (4 quarters) since you last enrolled at BC, complete a term activation request form. This will allow the college to reactivate your account.

Most returning students don’t need to reapply for admission, but there are exceptions. You should reapply instead of requesting term activation if you:

  • Applied before 2019 and never enrolled in courses
  • Last enrolled in courses before 2015
  • Were enrolled in any of these programs:
    • Non-credit community or continuing education courses
    • College in the High School
    • Career and Technical (CTE), formerly known as Tech Prep
    • Running Start, 2019 or earlier
    • Career Education Options (CEO), 2021 or earlier

Tips for the admissions application:

  • You will be asked to select a program:
    • Most Workforce Education students will find their degree or certificate under “Professional Technical.” However, BFET students pursuing career-specific transfer degrees will find them under “Academic,” and students pursuing BAS programs will find them under “Baccalaureate.”
    • Note that “Transitional Studies” does not refer to transfer degrees; it refers to pre-college programs such as English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), and High School Completion (HSC). Workforce Education students who will take pre-college classes may still select “Professional Technical,” then their intended degree or certificate. Selecting “Professional Technical” allows you to answer helpful questions about your residency status, and you may still enroll in pre-college classes.
  • In the “Personal Information” section, enter your Social Security Number (if you have one). Workforce Education uses your SSN to verify eligibility and whether you receive certain benefits such as food assistance or cash assistance. The admissions application is a secure way to provide SSN information to the college.

Gain Enrollment Access

If you’re new to BC, you will have a hold on your account that prevents enrollment in classes until you:

Holds are removed during the NSE session.

Prepare Supporting Documents

You may submit requested documents directly to your advisor, either by email or when you meet with them. Documents can also be emailed to or submitted via our Upload Documents page.

All WE applicants:

  • Unofficial transcript (if available) for any non-BC classes you’ve taken

BFET applicants:

  • No supporting documents needed. Your advisor will let you know if anything additional is required to verify you receive federal food benefits.

Opportunity Grant (OG) applicants:

  • Your most recent tax return (or your parents’ most recent tax return if you are under age 24), and
  • 2 months’ verification of household income (checks stubs or other documentation) from all sources

WorkFirst applicants:

  • All documents emailed to you by the WorkFirst advisor – read, completed, and signed

Worker Retraining applicants:

Supporting documentation will vary based on how you qualify for the program.

  • Receiving or exhausted UI benefits:
    1. Login to eServices from
    2. Go to “Manage my (Active) claim”
    3. Go to “Weekly Summary”
    4. Take a screenshot that includes your name and most recent payment information, or final payment if exhausted
  • Applying for UI benefits but don’t have an active claim: submit Layoff Notice
  • Veteran: submit DD214
  • Formerly self-employed: submit business closure documentation
  • Displaced Homemakers: submit Divorce Decree, Death Certificate, etc.

Last Updated February 5, 2024