All BC Foundation scholarships are to be used at Bellevue College only and can be applied to tuition, fees and, in some cases, books. Applications for scholarships are only available February through mid-April. Scholarships provide funding for the upcoming academic year – Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

Applicants for the 2015-2016 academic year will be informed of scholarship awards by August 2015.


BCF Scholarships 2015-16

BCF Scholarship Guide 2015-2016

Application Steps

  1. Apply to become a BC Student. You may do so online or in person to become a Bellevue College student. Apply at: You will receive a welcome email which includes your student ID. Your student ID is needed for the online scholarship application system.
  2. Sign up on “MyBC” to get email notices. The opening of scholarships will be announced using the student email alert system. MyBC is accessible at:
  3. Complete Financial Aid Applications. Many of the BC Foundation scholarships are intended for students who have financial need. To be considered eligible for those particular scholarships you will need to complete the BC Financial Aid process which includes completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a BC Financial Aid Application. Some students may be able to submit a Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) instead of a FAFSA. Learn more at
  4. Read the BC Guide to Scholarships 2015-2016 Read the entire Guidebook which includes information on available scholarships, details on how Foundation scholarships work, how to apply online, and tips for preparing your application

Apply Online through STARS

For returning applicants: If you submitted an application or created a profile last year, you may use the same user ID and password. Your student data is copied to the new academic year once the student signs back in to STARS. You will still need to complete the following sections of the registration process: opening questionnaire, academic information, financial information, free form essay questions, apply for available scholarships. You should also confirm that your personal information is up to date.

Worksheets and Checklists

Important Dates


Phone: (425) 564-2386 Email:

Application Check List


  • Check that your email address is correct.
  • Bellevue College Student ID number.
  • Transcript(s) Required MUST be uploaded with your application, including:
    • A high school transcript (if you have not attended college previously) or GED.
    • Unofficial transcripts from ALL colleges you have attended – including Bellevue College;
    • A transcript from the quarter you most recently completed (this means that you must include your winter quarter transcript).
  • Two letters of recommendation are required from an instructor, advisor, counselor or employer. Some scholarships may specify who must supply the recommendation. You will be asked for full contact information for the individuals providing a recommendation. STARS will send a request for a recommendation letter via email. The respondent will receive the request, which includes a link to STARS (and a password). Once on the STARS, the person providing the recommendation can draft the recommendation letter and submit it. You will be notified that the recommendation has been submitted.
  • The Activities Worksheet is a required document which must be uploaded with your application (form is available on the BC Foundation website)
  • You must complete ALL the essay questions.
Optional/ Additional Documents

Some scholarships require that you submit additional documentation:

  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Educational Plan Worksheet
  • Supplemental Essay
  • Proof of US citizenship or residency
  • Specific Letters of recommendation

COMPLETE THE APPLICATION PROCESS! To complete the application process select the scholarship(s), confirm you meet eligibility criteria and click on “APPLY NOW”.

More details and step by step instructions are found in the BCF Scholarship Guidebook available on the BCF Scholarship website.


2014-15 Scholarship Recipients

This year, the Bellevue College Foundation awarded over 80 scholarships totaling $154,000. In addition to scholarships awarded directly by the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee, the BC Foundation funds other scholarships which are awarded in conjunction with various BC departments. When coupled together, the BC Foundation funded approximately $200,000 in financial assistance to BC students in the 2014-2015 school year.

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 BCF scholarship recipients! List of 2014-15 recipients.