Selection & Notification

Occupational & Life Skills students raise their hands in class.


We have a careful selection process which takes many factors into account. Trained scholarship reviewers read and score anonymized scholarship applications. Personally identifying information is not shared with reviewers, who only see an applicant’s academic plan and their short answer responses. Every application is read and scored by multiple reviewers, and scores are averaged to identify an awarding pool. Successful applications are then matched to the most advantageous scholarship for which they are eligible.


You will be notified of your scholarship selection status by the end of July for the upcoming academic year.

We will notify you via the email address you entered on the application. Email will be our primary means of communication.

If your email address changes, please notify the BC Foundation at, so that we can contact you regarding your selection status.

Emails sent by the Foundation may go to your junk/spam folders, so please check those if you don’t receive a notification email. If possible, please add to your approved senders list.

Accepting or Declining Your Scholarship

If offered a scholarship, you can accept or decline.

Only students who received a scholarship offer letter should complete the BC Foundation Scholarship Agreement Form, whether you are accepting the scholarship or not.

If You Accept

  • Students who are accepting the scholarship will have the opportunity to review and accept the terms of the scholarship.
  • Failure to complete the Agreement Form by the deadline may result in forfeiting your scholarship.
  • After you accept your scholarship offer, find out what to do next.

If You Decline

Students who need to decline the scholarship due to no longer meeting the eligibility requirements (i.e. not attending BC) must also complete the Agreement Form.

Last Updated February 20, 2024