Returning Applicants

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General Information

Your application must be updated every time you apply. While some updates are non-negotiable (such as Short Answer Questions, which must be written fresh each time), others need an update only when your circumstances have changed.

Use your best judgment, and know that you can always contact us with any questions.

Categories to Consider

This category includes the parts of the application that can and should remain the same. These may include basic information such as name and birth date.

The “Double Check” category is for those areas that may or may not need updating. For example:

  • Have you changed your major since the last time you submitted an application?
  • Have you had a child?
  • Changed your marital status?
  • Received a new award?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you have some updates to make!

This is a guide, not an exhaustive checklist. It is important to carefully look through your application to ensure that it reflects your most recent academic and personal journey.

The “Update” category includes the sections that are either required or strongly encouraged for updating.

The “Cumulative GPA,” for example, needs to be updated every time an application is submitted. Additionally, your year in college needs to be updated as you accumulate more credit hours.

Short Answer Questions

The Short Answer Questions and Activities/Employment sections should be updated to best reflect your educational and personal journey. For example, as your education continues:

  • How have your goals or dreams developed?
  • Have they changed or solidified in any way?
  • If so, how?


  • Have you changed or stopped jobs since applying last year?
  • Are there new activities you have become involved with?

This will show application readers that you have taken an active interest in your personal development and have a better understanding of your educational and personal journey overall.

Remember, this application tip is not intended to be an exhaustive checklist but rather to assist you through the re-submission process each year.

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Last Updated February 20, 2024