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Students stroll over courtyard tiles that say "Bellevue College."

How Can I Support Bellevue College Students?

The BC Foundation is dedicated to removing barriers to student success and does this in many ways, including by raising funds, by administering grants and scholarships, and by providing educational program support. Our work would not be possible without support from our community.

Donors are the critical link in providing students with the opportunity to make their educational dreams come true. We make it easy to support Bellevue College students, and there are multiple types of giving that will suit your end goal.

The first step for many potential donors may be to assess where you are with your circumstances and what kind of gift you’d like to make.

What Kind of Donor Would You Like to Be?

People give for many reasons, and in many ways.

  • Would you prefer to give a one-time gift, or a recurring gift that provides consistent, reliable support to BC students and programs?
  • Would you like to give something tangible that can be seen and enjoyed for years to come?
  • Are you interested in creating an individual connection with one student as you assist them on their educational journey?
  • Would you like the ability to select where funds are directed – for example, to support the program that you or your child loved – or would you like us to decide on an area of particular need to distribute your gift?
  • Creating a scholarship is a way that you can assist a Bellevue College student or program, while also honoring someone close to you.
  • Legacy giving and major gifts are a way to make a long-lasting impact in the life of a student.

Ways to Give

Gifts to the BC Foundation can be structured to support individual students, specific programs, or given to be used where there is the greatest need.

We can assist you in your decision by providing more information on all the ways to give at Bellevue College.

Portrait of Mia Bel, scholarship winner.

Student Stories

For a personal perspective about the impact that a Bellevue College education has, read the personal stories of some of BC’s students and alumni.

Last Updated October 10, 2023