Extracurricular Activities

Bulldog volleyball players rally during a huddle.

General Info

Sports teams or clubs are the first that come to mind when thinking of extracurricular activities. While these are indeed prime examples to include in your scholarship application, they are not the only ones. It is important to think about the background of this question. Application readers are looking for ways that you have demonstrated participation and leadership in your school and/or community. Readers want to see that you are engaged and involved in these areas.

Show You’re Engaged

Sports and student government are not the only types of extracurricular activities. Consider these categories as well:

  • Arts (such as theater, photography or similar)
  • Church Activity
  • Clubs (in school or in the community)
  • Community Activity
  • Hobbies
  • Media (web work, school newspaper or similar)
  • Military (past or current service, such as ROTC, drill team or similar)
  • Music
  • Volunteer Work or Community Service
  • Family involvement or responsibilities, including, but not limited to, sibling or family member care

Remember, this section is designed for you to show your community participation and leadership. Be creative and thorough, and let your story shine!

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Last Updated September 7, 2023