New to Bellevue College

I’m a brand-new student. How do I get started?

As a new student, you have a few things to do before you can begin classes. Take a look at this checklist from the Registration office for clear steps.

Please note that new student orientation has now transitioned to Bellevue College’s Welcome Center. Click here for more information, including how to register for it.


What is my Student ID (SID) and pin?

Your Student ID is assigned to you when you get your acceptance into the college. You can find out what it is here.The pin number is automatically set as your birthday: MM/DD/YY. If you need to change it, you can do that here.


How do I get my Bellevue College email address?

If needed, you can set up your Bellevue College email here.

Advising Appointments

How do I make an advising appointment?

Before making an appointment, check out our method to Plan Your Classes. If your advising question isn’t answered there, then please read how you can Meet an Advisor.

  • If you’re an online student, please contact the eLearning department for advising.
  • If you’re seeking a Bachelor’s degree at Bellevue College, contact the chair or program manager for your program of interest. They’ll be able to advise you and give you specific information about the degree and its requirements.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Call (425) 564-2212 or submit a ticket. Thanks for valuing our time as much as we value yours!

Class Registration

 How do I find my class registration time?

The Admissions and Registration website has information about registering for classes and finding your registration time.

Incoming Transfer Students

Who is a Transfer Student?

A transfer student is any student who has college coursework at one institution and then transfers that coursework to another institution.


Will my courses transfer? How and when do I transfer them?

Bellevue College’s Transfer Equivalency Guide can help you determine which classes will transfer. If the course numbers don’t match up but the title is the same, then perhaps the course will transfer. However, only the Evaluations Office can determine this after an official transfer is complete.

The Transfer Enrollment page gives information about how to transfer credits. This process takes 6-8 weeks to complete, so take care of it as soon as possible after being admitted to Bellevue College.

While you’re waiting for your official transfer to be completed, you can use your unofficial transcript to request an online prerequisite check. Our office can offer you assistance after you’ve done this.


I’m a transfer student, and I only plan on taking a few classes here at BC before going back to a previous/different school to complete a degree program. Do I transfer my credits to BC?

No, if you are only coming to BC to take one or two classes in order to fulfill prerequisites or requirements elsewhere, then you don’t need to transfer your credits. Instead, simply complete the Online Prerequisite Check, which will allow you to clear prerequisites for your desired classes using your unofficial transcript. It has a shorter processing time than a full transfer, and it should only take 2-3 business days.

Transferring to a University

What degree should I complete?

Selecting the appropriate transfer degree depends on your ultimate goal and your university major. View the transfer degree options Bellevue College offers.


What does DTA stand for?

DTA stands for “Direct Transfer Agreement,” and it’s a term that advisors and faculty commonly use to refer to the transfer degrees offered at Bellevue College.


How many credits can I take at Bellevue College before transferring to earn a Bachelor’s degree somewhere else?

As a transfer student, you may complete about half (90 credits) of your bachelor’s degree at Bellevue College. After transferring, you will complete your bachelor’s degree, which consists of at least 180 college-level quarter (120 semester) credits.


Do I have to complete a transfer degree before transferring to a university?

While many universities accept transfer students before they complete a transfer degree, there are several benefits to completing your Associate Transfer Degree before transferring.

  • Most 4-year universities in the state of Washington agree to accept all 90 credits from your degree for transfer and many universities will consider most or all of your general education requirements met if you complete a transfer degree.
  • You may be able to transfer directly into your “junior” year at the university.
  • The lower division classes you take as part of your transfer degree are generally much less expensive at Bellevue College than at the university.
Do I have to meet with a university representative?

Bellevue College advisors aren’t experts about university requirements. Because of this, we highly recommend that you meet with a university representative from the school you want to attend. They’ll give you information about the admissions process and help you determine if you’re taking the right classes for your future major/degree.

Check out our Calendar of Events to find out when representatives from universities in Washington state and across the U.S. will be coming to campus. Some schools even offer limited one-on-one appointments. If your school isn’t on the list, we suggest contacting their admissions office directly to connect you with the right people.


What do I do if I’m planning to transfer to an out-of-state university?

The Associate Transfer Degrees offered at Bellevue College are designed to transfer within Washington State. To transfer out of state, research the university requirements and transfer process. If you’re having a hard time finding this information online, then contact the admissions office of the school you want to attend.

Bachelor’s Degrees at Bellevue College

How can I get advising about earning a Bachelor’s degree at BC?

Contact the chair or program manager for your program of interest. They’ll be able to advise you and give you specific information about the degree and its requirements.

Professional and Technical Degrees

What’s a professional/technical degree or certificate?

These degree and certificate programs are designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and expertise to enter a particular career with specific jobs or gain additional training for job promotion.

The Associate in Arts (AA) degrees are generally two to three year programs (90+credits). Certificate completion times range from one quarter to one year (8-45 credits). In some cases, you can obtain a certificate on the way to completing the degree. Click here for a list professional technical degrees and certificates, program outcomes, and advising contacts.

Undocumented Students

If you are an Undocumented Student or Dreamer, that is a non-citizen who entered the U.S. without legal immigration status or who stayed after the period they were authorized to be here, follow the steps:

  1. Apply to Bellevue College by clicking this link. It’s okay to leave the space requesting the Social Security Number blank if you do not have one.
  2. Secure your funding by applying to the Washington State Financial Aid for Dreamers.
  3. Take the assessment
  4. If this is your first time to college attend a new student orientation session.
  5. Register for classes.
  6. Pay your tuition
  7. You may also qualify for the BC Dreamers Scholarship, please contact Foundation office (A101) for more information. Phone: (425) 564-2386   Email: scholarships@bellevuecollege.edu.


Parent & Family Information

How can I best support my student during their time at Bellevue College?

Check out more information at Student Central! Please note: due to FERPA, student educational records are confidential unless your student gives written consent to the college.

Miscellaneous Questions

I’ve been blocked from registering for some or all of the classes I want to take. What do I do?

You may be on academic probation if your GPA has dropped below 2.0. You can use BC’s Online Services to see why you were blocked.

We also highly suggest 1) checking your Bellevue College email inbox for important updates about your academic standing and how this could affect your financial aid, as well as 2) contacting the Financial Aid office directly, and 3) learning more about academic standing at Bellevue College here.


I’m close to finishing my degree, but what do I have to do to graduate?

Congratulations! In order to get the degree you worked so hard on, you must apply for graduation. The deadlines for those applications are quite early, so be sure to plan ahead and apply sooner rather than later. Go to the graduation website for information about the application process and current deadlines.


I’m considering dropping or withdrawing from a course. What should I do?

Contact the Financial Aid office for help about how this could affect your financial aid in future quarters.


I have a question about my tuition or financial aid.

Take a look at the Financial Aid website, the tuition table, and for more information and to pay, you can reach out to the Cashier’s Office.


How do I know when to pay tuition or sign up for classes?

All deadlines can be found on the Enrollment Calendar.


I took a class from Bellevue College in the past, and I want to get transfer credit for it at another institution. How do I get the syllabus for the class?

Unfortunately, there’s no database for archived syllabi at Bellevue College, and our advisors are unable to offer direct assistance with this.

If your course instructor is still at Bellevue College, contact them directly for help. Otherwise (if the class is still being offered), contact the current course instructor and ask for a copy of their syllabus. You can find their contact information in the online course schedule.

Last Updated April 1, 2020