• While we continue to offer virtual, online advising sessions, we will begin offering some advising sessions in person starting November 22nd. Please review our information about in-person advising and check on-campus availability by advisor.
  • If you are a  New Student you must complete the New Student Process before you can meet with an advisor.
  • If you have questions about a Bachelor degree program at Bellevue College, please contact the chair or program manager for your program of interest. They’ll be able to give you specific information about the degree and its requirements.
  • If you are in our Running Start program at BC then you will need to meet with your running start advisor.

The Advising Department

Emily Kolby Picture

Emily Kolby


Cesar Rangel, M.A. Picture

Cesar Rangel, M.A.

University Transfer Center Specialist

Crickett Watt Picture

Crickett Watt

Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement / Humanities & Communication / Technology & Data Advising

Jonny Diehl Picture

Jonny Diehl

STEM Advising

Maria Sanders Picture

Maria Sanders

Exploratory & General Student Advising

MariaPaula McPherson Picture

MariaPaula McPherson

Business Advising

Marina Melnik Picture

Marina Melnik

Health Sciences Advising

Nate Goodman Picture

Nate Goodman

STEM Advising

Sarah De Witt Picture

Sarah De Witt

Exploratory & General Student Advising

Shavón English Picture

Shavón English

Visual & Performing Arts Advising

Sloane Hunt Picture

Sloane Hunt

Program Assistant

Teresa Descher Picture

Teresa Descher

Exploratory Student Advising/Student Athlete Advising

Yanhan Zhao Picture

Yanhan Zhao

Business and Technology & Data Pathways

Last Updated November 15, 2021