Academic Advising: Current & Returning Students

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Our Advisors help you:

  • Choose your BC Pathway
  • Create your Education Plan
  • Help you choose your classes for the next quarter
  • Assist you with enrollment in classes
  • Direct you to support services and resources that can help you reach your goals

STEP 1: If you plan to transfer credits from a previous school, or want to get credit for AP/IB scores (prior learning credit), make sure you follow the required process

Go to the Transfer to Bellevue College website.

STEP 2: Complete an Educational Planning Worksheet – Use this link to view Sample Worksheets/Plans

  • First fill in any classes you already completed
  • Next, complete steps 3 & 4 below and add the classes you plan to take to your worksheet/plan

If you need help to determine the degree, certificate, or program you want to work on, check out the links below.

STEP 3: Find out which classes you still need to complete

STEP 4: Decide which classes to take

  • Check out this year’s course catalog and the class search tool for information about each class and any prerequisites (classes you must take before you can enroll)
    • If you plan to transfer to a university, talk with the schools that interest you about admission, and degree or major requirements
  • Use the class search tool each quarter to see if the classes you want to take are offered for the upcoming quarter.

Step 5: Enroll for Classes

Advisors meet with students based on their BC pathway. Advisor calendars show available appointments up to 14 days in advance. If you do not see an appointment that meets your needs, please check back daily. Unless otherwise stated, appointments last about 30 minutes. We offer virtual and in-person appointments.

Prior to your advising appointment we recommend you review:

  • Advising FAQs for a variety of information related to taking classes at BC, transferring to and from BC, and how to get information and advising for our programs. 
  • Types of Appointments Offered include the following:
    • Same Day Advising
      • Drop in Advising is offered during the first week of the quarter, as well as during the entire week of registration for the following quarter.
    • Academic Performance Plan
      • Choose this option only if required by the Financial Aid Office
    • Signed Education Plan
      • Sometimes required by the Financial Aid Office and some appeal processes
    • General Appointment
    • 1-20 Education Plan
      • For some international students
    • OPT/CPT Forms
      • Required for some international students
Schedule an Academic Advising Appointment

  • WOIS
    • WOIS is an online Career Information System that allows you to explore your career goals and options. To save your career search and other online work through WOIS, create a portfolio through their website. You can set up your portfolio in the upper right corner of the homepage. You can get a site key password from your advisor!

Last Updated April 25, 2023