Softball History

Former BC player Rachael Delamare takes a swing at the ball
Rachael Delamare, who was an NWAC All-American and North Region player of the year for the Bulldogs in 2016, went on to play for the Oregon Tech Owls.

Listed are Bellevue College softball players who finished their academic and athletic careers at four-year colleges or universities.  Bellevue College softball records, player and coaching awards and All-American information are listed on other pages in the softball history section.

Former BC players who continued at four-year schools

Follow the progress of former athletes currently playing by clicking on the link for each athlete (where available)

NamePositionBC YearsTransfer School
Erica AddisonShortstopBC 2007-2008University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) (2009-2010)
Kristen AllenSecond BaseBC 2011Western Washington University (2012-2013)
Nicole Andrews
PitcherBC 2006-2007Oregon Tech (2008-2009)
Haylee Baker

Shortstop/Third BaseBC 2012Western Washington University (2013-2014)
Cierra BarkisShortstopBC 2016-2017Oregon Tech (2018)
Brooke Bonsen
BC 2014-2015Northwest Nazarene University (2016-2017)
Alex BoydCatcherBC 2016Western Washington University (2017-2018)
Brielle Bray
PitcherBC 2013-2014
Central Washington University (2015-2016)
Jovita Bruton

Third BaseBC 2006-2007Southern Wesleyan University (2008)
Lauren Burchak
InfieldBC 2014Eastern Oregon University
Breonna Chrisman

PitcherBC 2010-2011Seattle University (2012-2013)
Rachael DelamareOutfieldBC 2015-2016Oregon Tech (2017-2018)
Tessani Dixon

First BaseBC 2015-2016St. Martin’s University (2017-2018)
Rogin Hardy
BC 2011Seattle University (2012-2013)
Jamie Herrick

PitcherBC 2006-2007St. Martin’s University (2008- 2009)
Allie Hooks
PitcherBC 2004-2005
University of Puget Sound (2007)
Autumn Issacson

OutfieldBC 2013Western Washington University (2014- 2015)
Katie Jackson

CatcherBC 2014-2015Montana State University – Billings (2016-2017)
Megan McLachlan

Shortstop / CatcherBC 2009-2010Montana State University – Billings (2011)
Chelsea McNeil

OutfieldBC 2006-2007Oregon Tech (2008- 2009)
Dawn Norcross

OutfieldBC 2007-2008Montana State University – Billings (2009)
Danielle Orvella

PitcherBC 2011-2012Concordia University (Portland, Ore.) (2013-2014)
Nicole Rogers

CatcherBC 2010-2011Western Washington University (2011)
Michelle Ruby

PitcherBC 2008-2009Northern State University (2010)
Amber Sinicrope
BC 2006-2007Oregon Tech (2008-2009)
Lauren Smoot

Outfield / First BaseBC 2008-2009San Francisco Academy of the Arts
Deavonnie Spadoni

CatcherBC 2008-2009Northern State University (2010)
Caitlin Storkson

InfieldBC 2005-2006Hawaii-Hilo (2007)
Nicole Tiffany

OutfieldBC 2014-2015Montana State University – Billings (2016-2017)
Taylor Turner
OutfieldBC 2014-2015Eastern Oregon University (2016-2017)
Tobey Varney

Shortstop / InfieldBC 2010-2011Concordia University (Portland, Ore.) (2012-2013)
Whitney Whittemore

Second Base / InfieldBC 2007-2008Montana State University – Billings (2009- 2010)
Breanna Wilson
OutfieldBC 2011-2012Montana State University – Billings (2013-2014)

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