Finance Pillar – Purchasing FAQs

Purchasing functions will be paused as Bellevue College moves from the old system to ctcLink. This freeze will help ensure that the Finance Module of the new system is successfully implemented.  

IMPACT PERIOD: Sept. 23 – Nov. 1

P-Card transactions will not be allowed. Departments should anticipate needs through the end of November. Stocking additional inventory prior to the shutoff date in September will be a priority.

IMPACT PERIOD: Sept. 24 – Nov. 8

Requisitions cannot be processed or paid during the impact period. Departments are advised to communicate with vendors to ensure orders are received before Oct. 4.

IMPACT PERIOD: Oct. 22 – Nov. 8

Essential purchases that cannot be delayed must be submitted by Oct. 21. Invoice Attached, and A19 documents will be affected.

IMPACT PERIOD: N/A except for payments

Though Administrative Services will continue to provide solicitations, contracts and receiving, payment delays will occur as BC implements the ctcLink Finance module. Turnaround times may be longer than usual as the College navigates the new environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are monthly subscriptions that are linked to a P-Card. What do I do with those?

Contact the subscription agency and ask to defer payment during the specified blackout dates or inquire about payment options. 

There are unavoidable purchases during the period specified. At the same time, steps have been taken to plan ahead of time as much as possible. Some purchases fall within the identified closure dates that cannot be suspended; What steps need to be taken?

Contact Purchasing at as soon as possible. We can discuss acquisition options and assist with discussions with the vendor around payment and delays. 

If an emergency purchase comes up, do we need pre-approvals for purchases during the blackout periods? 

Yes.  Emergency purchases for life, safety, property damage, or material loss can be approved by the VP of Administrative Services.  Contact Purchasing for more information on emergency purchases.

So, as a department, we need to hurry and order everything now?

Not everything has to be purchased right away. We do encourage offices to plan ahead and identify items required during blackout periods. Departments should stock inventory as needed. Communicate within your department to identify any needs requiring assistance from purchasing and allow time for acquisition of services before the blackout dates. 

Will there be the processing of contracts and solicitations for goods and services during the closure period?

Yes, we will still offer these services uninterrupted. However, there will be processing delays and payment delays that need to be considered. These delays are a result of implementing the Finance module within ctcLink. 

There are exceptions, though, right?

Emergency purchases may be made with approval from the VP of Administrative Services. An emergency purchase is defined as an emergency event that must represent a set of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the College that either: 

  • Present a real, immediate, and extreme threat to the proper performance of essential functions; or 
  • May reasonably be expected to result in material loss or damage to property, bodily injury, or loss of life if immediate action is not taken.

Last Updated August 15, 2021