VOL. 6 – SEPTEMBER 23, 2021


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Today – Final day for P-Card transactions

Today – Opening Day

Sept. 27 – First day of the Fall Quarter

Sept. 27 – Final day for supervisors to initiate pre-offer processes by sending Request to Hire forms to HR

Oct. 4 – Final day to submit fully complete new hire packets to HR

Oct. 11 – Final Day for new hires to begin employment


Sometimes, things that are generally thought to be true – are not.  This is where mythbusting comes into play.  As a regular feature of the Thursday Dispatch, we will work to set the record straight on ctcLink. 

(And just for fun – we’ll handle some other myths you might have heard, read or experienced.)


image of bank fault to represent safe keeping

In ctcLink, you’ll be able to access your own personal information (name, address, emergency contacts, salary, benefits, and more) in one central location. Not only can you see your personal information, you can also update and manage some of it yourself.  

Because this “self-service” feature does not exist in the Legacy system, many people wonder, “If I can see my personal information online, can others see it too?”

The answer is no. Other people cannot see your self-service page or click on the tiles within to see your personal information. You are the only one with access to that view.

To learn more about the employee self-service and accessing personal information, feel free to read the SBCTC ctcLink Communication blog post.


image of baba in knitted winter hat

Although parents usually fuss over their children going outside without a hat, a person loses only 7 to 10 percent of body heat through the head.

That said, our body loses a disproportionate amount of heat through any part that is exposed, so hats are still a good idea!

Do you have a concern about ctcLink? Heard something you think needs a little bit of fact-checking?  Send your question to yves.martin@bellevuecollege.edu.  Nothing will be considered too outlandish.


While you learn and work with ctcLink and its software, PeopleSoft, you will come across many words and terms. Each week, we will feature a few of them in the Thursday Dispatch.

Learning Management System (LMS) – Software for delivering, tracking and managing training or classes. Some examples include Canvas, Angel and Blackboard.Query – A report in PeopleSoft that can be created or run to return subsets of information. Can be either Public or Private. Security setup for Query is unique to Query.

 User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – A process to obtain confirmation that the system meets mutually agreed upon requirements. A subject matter expert (SME) provides such confirmation after trial or review. UAT is one of the final stages of the project before the go-live date.


We’re hiring to support staff and students throughout the ctcLink transition. Current part-time employees are encouraged to apply to supplement their current hours. Students and faculty, too!

Training will be provided. Click here for details.

Are you interested in how BC is communicating with students regarding the transition to ctcLink? Click here to go to the student section of the ctcLink website. You’ll be able to read the latest news and communications.

Need more information on ctcLink?  It can be found on our website.

ctcLink Website

If you have suggestions on improving this email, we would enjoy hearing from you. Please contact Yves Martin, Communications Manager, at: yves.martin@bellevuecollege.edu.

Last Updated October 1, 2021