VOL. 9 – OCTOBER 14, 2021

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  • Important Dates
  • Timesheets
  • Support for Go-Live
  • Triage Plan
  • Mobile HCX
  • Supplemental Systems
  • Accounting Changes Presentation
  • Query Training
  • This Week’s Student Communications
  • Student Employees and Self-Service Training
  • BC Finance ctcLink Resource Center
  • Words & Terms
  • Friday Closures


Oct. 15 – Final day to post on NeoGov

Oct. 15 – Final day to submit employment applications to Human Resources

Oct. 15 – Final day to submit stipends

Oct. 15 – Account changes presentation (see article below)

Oct. 18 – Final day to submit invoices for requisitions/POs

Oct. 18 – Final day to submit approved A19 or capital invoices for entry in the My A19 app (no A19s accepted after this date – either electronic or paper)

Oct. 18 – Final day to submit approved travel expense report or cash advance request

Oct. 18 – Final day to request revenue/expense transfer

Oct. 20 – Final day to award financial aid

Oct. 28 – Final day to send/approve faculty absence report forms

Oct. 28 – Final day to submit/approve timesheet in TLR

Oct. 29 – Final day to submit residency application for Fall Quarter


Due to the transition to ctcLink, timesheets for the pay period of Oct. 15-31 are due on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Employees must submit their hours by 2 p.m. Supervisors must approve timesheets by 5 p.m.

Any questions? Please speak to your supervisor as soon as possible.


All efforts are being made to facilitate the transition to ctcLink. This is an overview of the support features that you can expect as we approach our go-live of Nov. 8:

Announcement Email and Website Notices

Focused Daily Update Email Newsletters

  • Key learnings
  • SBCTC sessions
  • Reminders and links to walkthroughs

In-Person and Virtual Support

  • Employees: in-person (B-Building) and virtual
  • Students: in-person (U-Building) and virtual
  • Faculty: virtual

Security Support

  • Ticket request system will be available for permission changes.

Training Roll-Out Plans

Account activation instructions will be available on access day (Staff: Nov. 9; Faculty: Nov. 12; Students: Nov. 17).

Student & Employee How-To Guides

  • Guides will be made available on the BC website.
  • In-depth SBCTC training will be available in February (after an adjustment period).


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Will we face challenges once we go-live? Of course. Will there be an occasional problem or two? Again, yes. Don’t worry, though – we have constructed a multi-tiered system to answer your questions. If the first tier doesn’t yield results, you will have a chance to move up to the next tier. In the end, we will find a solution!

Tier 1: Self-Help

How-to guides, ctcLink Reference Center, and peer guidance

Tier 2: Support Specialists (Virtual or In-Person)

Specialists will answer basic questions (e.g. account activation, ctcLink navigation, class search, submitting timesheets, etc.)

If they cannot answer the question or resolve the problem, they will escalate the matter to Tier 3

Tier 3: The Experts (Virtual or In-Person)

Specialists will answer specific questions (e.g. account activation barriers, registration problems, financial aid, personal details, security permissions, etc.)

Tier 4: SBCTC

All unresolved questions/problems will be escalated to the State Board


The Class Schedule on the BC website will be archived on Monday, Oct. 20 in preparation for the launch of ctcLink’s Mobile HCX. The application will offer access to several widgets, including BC website, Canvas, college catalog, and BC email – all in a single, convenient location.

The Class Search widget on Mobile HCX replaces our website’s Class Schedule app. It will offer an enhanced look at the BC academic schedule as well as an array of upgraded filters. The BC community will have an opportunity to explore the Winter 2022 academic schedule once the transition to Mobile HCX is complete next week. The Mobile HCX will be accessible to staff and students – along with a tutorial–to assist in planning for winter quarter.

Additional details, including a tutorial, to come.


For anyone who has had to move from one living space to another, you know the many steps and challenges that go with packing up a household and transporting it to another location. The migration of 25 business applications into ctcLink is a similar undertaking. When ctcLink goes live on Nov. 8, the applications listed below will be migrated to the new backend system.

The good news is that while the data is being migrated (or moved) they will remain functional, but in a “read only” state. Our ITS team will be working toward a smooth transition, but please be aware that there may be service interruptions.

Phase 1 of the migration begins with Canvas and other applications for critical business processes. More information is forthcoming to help you to know what to expect and what you should do if you experience a service interruption.


Nov. 4 – HP or Legacy system is turned off. Backend systems will no longer be getting new data that is entered into the system. They will continue to function with the existing data only.
Nov. 8 – BC receives the first batch of ctcLink data and begins moving our applications over.


Phase 1 – Nov. 8-12

  • Canvas
  • TerraDotta
  • NetID
  • Rave Alerts
  • Selective Admissions Applications

Phase 2 – Nov. 15-26

  • Team Dynamix
  • Request Center
  • eRezLife
  • TargetX
  • Alma
  • LabZone
  • Online Directory

Phase 3 – Nov. 29-Dec. 10

  • AIM
  • Maxient
  • Edquity
  • ReUp
  • TechZone
  • Complaint Management

Phase 4 – Dec. 13-31

  • Reports built by ITS
  • King County Library System upload
  • LabTracker
  • TutorTracker


Join us to learn about accounting changes in ctcLink on Oct. 15, from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

The presentation will focus on changes to chartstrings, budget reporting, and item types. Some topics that will be covered include:

  • Understanding your new chartstrings (budget codes) to use on things like requisitions and expense reports
  • Monitoring your budget activity
  • Understanding the new item types

Please register for this training by clicking here.


stack of post-it notes with a question mark on the top note


A tool in ctcLink that allows people to get information relevant to their job, specifically about students, classes, and departments. It lets you search information in an instant – instead of looking up individual pieces of data. When you run a query in ctcLink, you get a downloadable file with all the data you request.


Everyone has the ability to run queries in ctcLink, and everyone is welcome to take the training. Those who ran DataX reports in the old HP system are most likely to use ctcLink queries. If you are a faculty member who has had to ask staff for information in the past, you can now take the query training and locate it yourself. If your job entitles you to information, ctcLink makes it easy for you to find.

For current information: please click here.

Note: The link for Query Runners training is the same link as the student employee registration link. Please select the ctcLink PeopleSoft Reporting course under “End-User Reporting.”

Additional information for managers will be coming out soon.

Are you interested in how BC is communicating with students regarding the transition to ctcLink? Click here to go to the student section of the ctcLink website. You’ll be able to read the latest news and communications.


Student employees were not required to complete training last spring. However, they will need to complete the Employee Self- Service (ES100) training before they access the system on Nov. 9.

The course covers a range of topics, including tracking time, entering time, reporting leave/comp time, creating travel authorizations, requesting an absence, and viewing requests and time summaries. In addition, the employee will be shown how to view payroll information, personal and benefit details.

Managers, please schedule these employees to complete this training during work hours and please help them register for the course. Please click here for more information.


image of the alphabet made of wooden letters

While you learn and work with ctcLink and its software, PeopleSoft, you will come across many words and terms. Each week, we will feature a few of them in the Thursday Dispatch. This week, they all come from the Campus Solutions Pillar.

Academic Advisement (AA) – Provides the campus-wide ability to define and track graduation requirements, evaluate student degree progress, and convey requirements

Academic Calendar – Defines the landmark dates that drive much of the day-to-day business at the academic institution. Contains cancel, withdrawal, drop deadlines, quarterly start and end dates, census date, and other key dates

Academic Career – All coursework that a student undertakes at an academic institution grouped in a single student record

Academic Plan – An area of study—such as a major—that exists within an academic program or academic career. The Academic Plan is a combination of the area of study (Radiological Sciences, for example) and a degree type (such as AAS) associated with the area of study. Comparable to Educational Program Code (EPC)

Academic Program – Controls the student’s academic level, academic load, academic calendar, academic group for tuition calculation, and grading scheme.


Keep in mind that many campus offices will be closed to the public on Fridays through Dec. 31. This will allow staff one full day a week with fewer interruptions to complete the necessary work for ctcLink.

The following offices will be closed on Fridays for the remainder of the year:

High School Programs


Student Central

  • Enrollment Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Testing
  • Graduation/Evaluations

Have a Friday or other closure you’d like the campus to know about? Please send a note to closures.

Need more information on ctcLink? It can be found on our website.

ctcLink Website

If you have suggestions on improving this email, we would enjoy hearing from you. Please contact Yves Martin, Communications Manager, at: yves.martin@bellevuecollege.edu.

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