ctcLink for Students: Understanding Holds in ctcLink

Official Communication Date

Dec. 16, 2021

Affected Students

Winter Quarter 2022 enrolled students, Fall Quarter 2021 enrolled students, Winter Quarter 2022 applicants


Understanding Holds in ctcLink

Hi Student,

Fall Quarter finals are almost at an end. The focus now shifts to Winter Quarter and making sure you’re enrolled in the classes that move your education forward. Enrollment for Winter Quarter is open and only available in ctcLink. While thousands of students have successfully enrolled, some have questions about how ctcLink displays certain information, including holds.

If you log in to ctcLink and see a hold (or holds) on your account, please review them carefully. Holds can be positive or negative.

A positive hold includes:

  • A hold that holds your space in a class

A negative hold includes:

  • A hold that prevents you from enrollment

The title and description of the hold helps you understand why it is placed on your account.

  • Title: Often indicates the action of the hold and a reason for it.
    Example: Tuition Deferred-Possible FA indicates your tuition is deferred and you are held in your courses without having to pay tuition due to your potential to receive financial aid or other funding
  • Description: A more detailed explanation of why a hold is placed.

Important Note: Holds display differently on ctcLink’s mobile site and ctcLink’s desktop (full) site.

  • Mobile Site: Only holds from the college you currently view are displayed
  • Desktop (Full) Site: All holds on your account from any college in Washington State’s community and technical college system are displayed.

Remember, to enroll in Winter Quarter you must:

  1. Activate your ctcLink account: use your ctcLink ID—{!Contact.BC_EMPLID__c}—to do this.
  2. Log in to ctcLink: Make sure to log in to the full site view at least once. This tells the system to turn on various functions you can use across both of ctcLink’s views (mobile and full site).
  3. Complete a Vaccination Attestation and/or Exemption FormAll students must complete a Vaccination Attestation and/or Exemption form. This must be reviewed and approved to be eligible to enroll.

Forgot your ctcLink ID? Use our online ID lookup tool.

Need Additional Support?

If none of the above options solve your problem, submit a ticket.

Last Updated December 17, 2021