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Official Communication Date

Jan. 5, 2022

Affected Students

Fall Quarter 2021 enrolled students, Winter Quarter 2022 enrolled students, Winter Quarter 2022 applicants


Winter Open Enrollment Ends Today

Hi Student,

Winter Quarter open enrollment ends today, Jan. 5. Whether you didn’t enroll in all the classes you wanted to or want to enroll in another, check the class schedule to see if space is available.

Please read through the following scenarios for more information about how to enroll this week.

If space is available today (Wednesday, Jan. 5)…

  • And the course has no prerequisites or you meet all of them, you can enroll
  • And the course has prerequisites you do not meet, you can request a permission number from the instructor, who can approve or deny the request

If space is not available today (Wednesday, Jan. 5), you can request a permission number from the instructor, who can approve or deny the request.

If you want to enroll between Jan. 6–7, you must request a permission number from the instructor, who can approve or deny the request.

Head to BC’s ctcLink portal to:

Browse Classes


Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are sent to students by class instructors to let the student enroll in a course. While they are not needed for every course, permission numbers are used to:

  • Enroll in classes that do not have space available
  • Enroll in a class during late enrollment (for Winter Quarter 2022 this is Jan. 6–7)
  • Enroll in a class a student does not meet the prerequisites for

Students can complete an online form to request a permission number. The instructor can approve or deny the request, and if approved, will send the permission number to the student.

Once the student receives a permission number they enter it in ctcLink to enroll in the course.

View a tutorial on permission numbers

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