ctcLink for Students: Fall Quarter Grades in ctcLink

Official Communication Date

Dec. 21, 2021

Affected Students

Fall Quarter 2021 enrolled students


Fall Quarter Grades in ctcLink

Hi Student,

Most Fall Quarter grades are now available in ctcLink.

Please remember: you must have activated your account to log in.

Note: some instructors are still putting grades into the system. If you do not see a grade listed for a course, please give your instructor time and check again later.

Winter Quarter 2022 Enrollment

Winter Quarter enrollment is open and thousands of students have enrolled. With classes filling up, make sure you enroll soon for the classes that can help you move your education forward.

If you are already enrolled in Winter Quarter 2022 AND one of the courses you enrolled in required you to receive a particular grade in a Fall Quarter class:

  • Your enrollment in the course is automatically kept if you received the required Fall Quarter grade
  • You are dropped from the course if you did not receive the required Fall Quarter grade
  • Have questions about ctcLink? Explore ctcLink for students support.

Last Updated January 5, 2022