HCI Writing Support Program

The Writing Support Program (WSP) is a quarter-long assistance program that involves working closely with our writing specialist to help advance your writing and overall academic skills. Any HCI student is welcome to enter WSP, but it is mandatory for students who score below 12 points on their personal statement or have been placed on academic probation. The program is designed to help students with varying needs, i.e., students who are non-native English speakers, returning to college, struggling/overwhelmed, or looking to advance their skills.

What Does WSP Entail?

Upon entering WSP, each student will be evaluated individually by our HCI Writing Specialist and given a unique and personalized program plan to best fit their needs. A student’s plan will establish goals for the quarter and skills to practice/accomplish. All WSP students will be required to meet regularly with our writing specialist, Jonathan, for the entirety of that quarter. These meetings will be virtual (through our web conferencing software, Cranium Cafe) and will  go over students’ goals and issues. WSP student are required to send their course discussions and writing assignments to the writing specialist before handing them in. In all, WSP student will have to:

  • Meet with the writing specialist on a regular basis
  • Send some course discussions to writing specialist before submission
  • Send all major writing assignments to the writing specialist before handing them in

WSP Portfolio and Quarterly Evaluation

As you work through WSP, our writing specialist will put your work and biweekly/monthly progress reports into an individualized student portfolio (on OneNote). At the end of the term, these portfolios will be used to assess whether or not WSP will continue to be mandatory for that student. Students will have open access to these portfolios and can use them to view their progress and review skills.

If Not Required, How Can I Enter WSP?

If WSP is not currently mandatory for you and you’d like to join, please contact Tom Donohue at thomas.donohue@bellevuecollege.edu and let him know you are interested. WSP starts at the beginning of each term, so once you contact the writing specialist, he’ll set you up for the next quarter. If you’re curious about how WSP would help you as a student, feel free to contact Tom with any questions.

HSEWI Writing Center

HCI students have access to the following writing resources developed for all students enrolled in health sciences, education and wellness programs.

Last Updated March 7, 2019