Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Molecular Biosciences (MBS) program. We are excited at the possibility of you joining the Bellevue College community and furthering your academic goals with us! Please carefully review the application instructions below.

Application Deadlines

The MBS program accepts applications for both the Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T and the Molecular Biosciences BAS degrees year-round on a rolling admission basis. For planning purposes, please look at the Academic Calendar for the quarter start dates and try to submit your application to the college and the program at least three weeks prior to the start of the quarter. The application for general admission to the college takes approximately a week to process and the program application takes about another one to two weeks after that.

Step 1: Connect with BC in 1-2-3.

orange down button with number 1 in the middle

If you are a first time BC student or a previous BC student who is returning to the college after four or more quarters off, you must apply to the college first.

  1. Apply for BC Admission Now! The link takes you the Washington State Community and Technical College Web Admissions Center. Follow the Quick Start Instructions provided on the site. Don’t forget to select either Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T or Molecular Biosciences BAS as your Course of Study in section 2 of the application. Make sure to complete the application process by clicking on the Submit Button located at the bottom of the college listing of choices.
  2. Assess – Submit unofficial high school or college transcripts to OR take the math & English placement tests if you need to clear a prerequisite from a course. This is common if students need to take ENGL 201 or MATH 130 and have not completed ENGL& 101 or MATH 98 at Bellevue College. More information….
  3. Orient – Complete the New Student Intake form and the BC New Student Orientation online via a self-guided class on Canvas or live via Microsoft Teams. 

Please complete Step 1 at least three weeks prior to the application deadline. Processing time for Student ID numbers is typically 1 -3 business days.

Stop here if you are applying for the Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T program, as there is no separate program application for that degree. If you are applying to the Molecular Biosciences BAS program, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Prepare for the MBS BAS Program Application

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Prepare your supporting information and documents. The application form cannot be saved and completed at a later time; it must all be completed at once or you will lose the work you’ve already done.

  • Bellevue College student identification number (SID) and network identification (NetID). You will be assigned a BC SID number and instructed to create a NetID once your application for general admission to the college has been processed. Your NetID is used to login to college applications such as Canvas and for your BC email account. We recommend using your name for your NetID ( or something similar) as students use this email address for internships/externships and field work.
  • Submit prior college transcripts and complete the Transfer Credit Review Form. You must send your official transcripts to Student Central at Bellevue College prior to completing the form. You should do this step as early as possible. It can take several weeks to review your transcripts! 
  • Lower Level Coursework—if you believe you have completed some of the required coursework, please attach a document listing the course completed, its equivalent at Bellevue College (if not taken here), the quarter/semester and year it was completed, and the grade you earned on a 4.0 scale. All courses must come from a regionally accredited college.
  • Personal Statement (no more than 800 words) discussing your work experience, your personal and professional goals, specific or unique attributes that you will bring to the program, challenges or hardships you have overcome in pursuing your educational or work goals, and any other special consideration that you believe will make you a strong candidate for the program.
  • Diversity Statement (no more than 500 words) providing specific examples of how your educational and/or professional experiences, personal background or philosophy demonstrate your commitment to diversity and equity. How will you use these experiences and values to contribute to the Molecular Biosciences program and Bellevue College community? As you move into the scientific community, how will you strive to enact positive change related to diversity and equity?
  • Application payment will be accepted at the time of completion. Please have your form of payment ready prior to beginning the application. The application fee for the Molecular Biosciences program is $75.00.

Step 3: Apply to the MBS BAS Program

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Complete and submit the Molecular Biosciences BAS application using the documents and information you gathered above. Remember: this application cannot be saved and returned to at a later time. Allow approximately two weeks for your program application to be processed.

Last Updated November 7, 2023