Page 183 from Treatise, Cornelius Cardew, 1967
Page 183 from Treatise, Cornelius Cardew, 1967

Bellevue College Composer’s Studio is dedicated to music majors and Bellevue College students who wish focus on the craft of music composition. The Composer’s Studio was designed to help emerging composers of all stylistic backgrounds build a well-rounded composition portfolio (essential to an potential transfer student or those who seek a career in concert music composition, game, movie or TV scoring.) Each quarter poses a new compositional medium, which includes composing music for solo instruments, string quartet, and choir, electronic music, small jazz ensemble, and other creative combinations.

One quarter of music theory is highly recommended for music notation, terminology and model composition analysis purposes. An open mind, plus a good work ethic, is essential for creating music of a different kind. If you have music inside of you, let’s work to get it out!

Please contact Dr. Brian Cobb at for more detail. This course of study is currently offered under Private Instruction: Music Composition (MUSC 140 or MUSC 240).

Last Updated May 24, 2023