Associate in Music Degree (DTA/MRP)

The Associate in Music Direct Transfer Agreement degree (DTA) consists of a minimum of 104 credits as outlined. This pathway is applicable to students planning to prepare for upper division bachelor’s degree majors in music and is designed for students wishing to transfer to The University of Washington, Washington State University, Central Washington University, Western Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, Pacific Lutheran University, Northwest University, Saint Martin’s University, Seattle University, and Whitworth University.

Advising Note – This program requirement planning sheet is not a substitute for meeting with an academic advisor.

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Associate in Music Degree DTA/MRP

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AAS Degree: Concentration in Music Recording Arts Track

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Course Title Course Number Credits
10 credits of MUSC 110 and 111 are applied toward Humanities General Requirement
1st-Year Theory I MUSC 110 5*†
1st-Year Theory II MUSC 111 5*†
1st-Year Theory III MUSC 112 5*†
2nd-Year Theory I MUSC 210 5
2nd-Year Theory II MUSC 211 5
2nd-Year Theory III MUSC 212 5
* You may test out of First-Year Music Theory for credit by Proficiency Examination.

† MUSC 110 and MUSC 111 are applied toward 10 credits of Humanities requirement.

Course Title Course Number Credits
Required each quarter for 6 quarters.
1st-Year Private Instruction MUSC 140 1
2nd-Year Private Instruction MUSC 240 1
Course Title Course Number Credits
1 group required each quarter from the following:
Concert Choir MUSC 100/200 V.1-3
Community Symphonies MUSC 101 1
Community Band MUSC 102 1
Chamber Choir MUSC 103/203 3*
Jazz Band MUSC 106A/206B 3*
Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Celebration) MUSC 109/205 3*
*Requires Audition.

Note: 100 level courses denote 1st-year student – 200 level denotes 2nd-year student and beyond.

Course Title Course Number Credits
Group Piano Instruction I MUSC 131 2*
Group Piano Instruction II MUSC 132 2*
Group Piano Instruction III MUSC 133 2*
* You may test out of Group Piano Instruction for credit by Proficiency Examination.


Course Title Credits
Written Communication
10 Credits from at least two composition courses.
Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning
5 Credits of an eligible course.
Arts and Humanities
10 Credits Music (MUSC 110 & 111)
5 Credits Other – World Language Recommended for Music Majors.
Social Sciences
15 Credits in THREE distinct disciplines
(It is recommended that at least one of these courses satisfy the Cultural Diversity Requirement
– See Below)
Natural Sciences
15 Credits in THREE distinct disciplines (5 CR must be in a Lab Science)

** Cultural Diversity Requirement
This degree has a set of BC General Education requirements including Cultural Diversity.
Please choose one course to meet the Cultural Diversity Requirement.
For approved courses visit: Diversity Degree Requirement.

Effective Summer 2018, the following courses meet the Diversity Degree Requirement:

100, 108, 180, 206, 208, 219, 220, 222, 224, 235

Cultural and Ethnic Studies
100, 101, 109, 180, 200, 234, 257

Communication Studies
250, 280

102, 260, 265


101, 105, 249, 253, 254, 256, 258, 262, 264, 278.

Academic Advising
Call (425) 564-2212 or visit BC Academic Advising page.

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Music Department Contact
For additional information please contact the School of Music and Recording Arts Chairman
Thomas Almli
(425) 564-2089

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