Vocal and Choral Music Performing Groups and Ensembles

Bellevue College offers a wide array of performance opportunities for students including Concert Choir, BC Jazz Singers (Vocal Jazz Ensemble “Celebration”), Chamber Choir, College Chorus, Contemporary Commercial Vocal Ensemble (Octave 1), Funk & Groove, and Vocal Point Small Ensembles, Vocal Showcase Concerts and Student Recitals.

These vocal performing ensembles participate in musical concerts, festivals, tours, student-led programs, and numerous venues at Bellevue College and in our community. Please read through audition materials (if applicable). Contact Tom Almli, Music Dept. Chair at 425-564-2089 or e-mail: thomas.almli@bellevuecollege.edu for more information, or to make an appointment.

Concert Choir

MUSC 110: First-Year Theory I – 5 credits

First of a six-course sequence in Music Theory for music majors and students who wish to acquire insight into the building blocks of tonal music.  Students learn staff notation of pitch and rhythm, essential music terminology, rhythmic simple & compound meters, diatonic & other essential scales, major/minor keys, intervals, triads/seventh chords, chord voicing, and harmonic analysis.  Ear training, rhythm reading, and sight singing is also included. Recommended: Basic knowledge of music notation and either vocal or instrumental performance.

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Concert Choir II

MUSC 200: Concert Choir II – variable credits

Offers performance opportunities for student singers who have completed three quarters of MUSC 100. Students gain understanding and skills essential to group and choral singing. Requires 5 hours of rehearsal per week plus scheduled outside rehearsals and performances. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits.

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Vocal Jazz & Recording Ensemble “Celebration”

MUSC 109: Vocal Jazz Ensemble – Celebration – 2 credits

Develops the vocal techniques, performance, and recording skills necessary to the contemporary recording studio singer. Ensemble members are selected by audition from the college choir. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits. Fee: $ 60.00 Music Lab

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Vocal Jazz Ensemble “Celebration”

Last Updated December 28, 2023