Core Music Theory

MUSC 110: First-Year Theory I – 5 credits

MUSC 111: First-Year Theory II – 5 credits

MUSC 112: First-Year Theory III – 5 credits

MUSC 210: Second-Year Theory I – 5 credits

MUSC 211: Second-Year Theory II – 5 credits

MUSC 212: Second-Year Theory III – 5 credits

Please view specific course descriptions and outcomes in our course catalog.

Contact Dr. Brian Cobb with any questions regarding the music theory sequence at or by phone at 425-564-2403

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Why is the Core Music Theory Sequence two years?

Click on the link to the majority of concepts you will learn while taking the two-year music theory sequence at Bellevue College. Besides studying the elements of music theory, the sequence also focuses on musicianship. Musicianship includes sight singing and rhythm reading, as well as ear training.

Why should I take the core music theory sequence at Bellevue College?

Any student who loves music and wants to learn how it is put together or why music behaves the way it does needs to take the music theory sequence. In particular, any student with aspirations of moving on to a four-year music program though transfer or first-year entrance would benefit from taking music theory at Bellevue College.

One of the cornerstones of all accredited United States four-year music programs is the core music theory sequence, which all music students must take and pass. Depending on your situation, you would get a head start on learning this essential knowledge, in which you could earn transferable music theory credits or the necessary knowledge to earn high placement by attaining competitive scores on theory entrance exams. Furthermore, you save money and time and learn this essential knowledge within a smaller class size.

What if I have prior music theory experience, do I need to start at the beginning of the sequence?

Any student who feels that their current music theory knowledge exceeds topics in MUSC 110 or First Year Theory can sit for an entrance exam. Please contact Dr. Brian Cobb, Music Theory Coordinator, with any entrance exam inquiries at:

Last Updated December 28, 2023