Recording Arts

BC offers courses in Audio Engineering and Production.  All three of these courses are currently Hybrid courses.  Each class meets twice a week for an hour and the remainder of the course is taught online.

FACILITIES:  BC has two fully functioning Recording Studios, using both digital and analog technology.  Both are Pro Tools HD studios.  In addition, BC has a 24 station midi lab complete with midi controller keyboards and computers loaded with music software:  Each computer workstation includes: Pro Tools, Apple Logic and Digital Performer, as well as composition/notation software: Sebelius & Finale.  Additionally each midi station contains ear-training software and multiple soft-synth instruments.  The studios and the lab are typically open 7 days a week during the school year.

Recording Arts Courses

Sample Student Work (← click here)

MUSC 157 is offered only winter and spring quarters.

 MUSC 158 is only offered in the spring.

Participating students are not required to own or purchase any music or recording software to participate in these courses.

Recording Arts courses are NOT OFFERED summer quarter.

Instructor: Kelly Kunz

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Last Updated March 10, 2016