Recording Arts

BC offers courses in Audio Engineering and Production.  All three of these courses are currently Hybrid courses.  Each class meets twice a week for an hour and the remainder of the course is taught online.

FACILITIES:  BC has two fully functioning Recording Studios, using both digital and analog technology.  Both are Pro Tools HD studios.  In addition, BC has a 24-station midi lab complete with midi controller keyboards and computers loaded with music software:  Each computer workstation includes Pro Tools, Apple Logic, and Digital Performer, as well as composition/notation software: Sebelius & Finale.  Additionally, each midi station contains ear-training software and multiple soft-synth instruments.  The studios and the lab are typically open 7 days a week during the school year.

Recording Arts Courses

MUSC 156: Audio Engineering & Production I – 5 credits

MUSC 157: Audio Engineering & Production II – 5 credits

MUSC 158: Audio Engineering & Production III – 5 credits

Sample Student Work (← click here)

Last Updated December 28, 2023