Men’s Basketball

Team photo of 2015-16 Bellevue College men's basketball team
2015-16 BC Men’s Basketball (left to right): Isaiah Green, Aqeel Williams, Isaac Shephard, Michael Shinaul, Yonathan Michael, Jack Walton, LauDon Thomas, Calvin Dennis, Quentin Moore, Brian Zehr, Payton Tirrell, David Babayan, Jordan Muir-Keung & Jordan Lockhart.

BC basketball has a rich tradition in northwest college hoops. A perennial playoff contender, the Bulldogs tied for first in the North Region each of the last two seasons and have won or shared the crown seven of the last 11 seasons. Over that span, the Bulldogs have produced nine seasons of 20 victories or more under coach Jeremy Eggers. During his 12-year tenure, the Bulldogs qualified for the NWAC Championships in 10 of the last 11 seasons.

Last Updated November 13, 2015