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MondaysMS Teams9:00-12:00pmSayuri
MS Teams3:00-7:00pmBryon (JAPN 121 only)
TuesdaysMS Teams1:00-4:00pmSayuri
MS Teams3:00-7:00pmBryon (JAPN 121 only)
WednesdaysMS Teams9:00-12:00pmSayuri
MS Teams4:00-8:00pmBryon (JAPN 121 only)
ThursdaysMS Teams1:00-4:00pmSayuri
MS Teams4:00-8:00pmBryon (JAPN 121 only)

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Additional Resources

Textbooks, Solution Manuals, Graphing Calculators and more!

The ASC (D204) has select textbooks, solution manuals, graphing calculators and headphones that may be borrowed and used in the ASC with a BC student I.D. card. The  ASC also has charging stations for phones, laptops, calculators, etc. Select cables available for charging devices.

Last Updated January 7, 2021