Baseball Camps

2021 Schedule -All Sessions full.



Registration for summer baseball camps are ongoing. All camps are usually full by June. Applicants are encouraged to register before the school year ends.


To get on the mail list, e-mail Mark Yoshino at

Why Bellevue College Baseball Camps when there are so many out there?

Cost and Quality. Our coaching staff that directs one of the most successful college programs in the nation (ranked nationally multiple years including top 50 in the country this year!) directs youth instruction with the same attentive detail as they do with the collegiate players. We encourage you to speak with ANYONE who has attended our camps in the past to verify this commitment. It is our attempt to offer the best combination of instruction and fun in a quality environment. Our facilities and location are ideal for the entire eastside community. Featuring one of the top outdoor natural grass fields in the state, the facility is second to none. Our offerings have benefited thousands of young ball players for the past twenty five years, as BC’s baseball camps have served the eastside community longer than any other organization. And finally, the cost. Bellevue College baseball camps are one of the most cost-efficient camps when compared to all other camps in the entire region – you are encouraged to compare. Most specialty FULL day camps, whether it be sports or technology-related, are well over $350. We challenge you to find a college level instructional full day camp for a lower cost than ours! Bellevue College Baseball Camps give an ideal combination of coaching quality and economic savings. Please take time to look through our offerings below and feel free to call if you have any questions.

Here are some feedback notes from previous campers/parents:

  • “There seems to be more coaching/instruction here”
  • “The coaches. The guys running it are the actual main coaches in the college program that are older and have the experience. Most of the others we’ve been to are run by the younger assistants, former players with outdated teaching techniques, or all counselors with no real lead instructor.”
  • “Amazing attention and sincere interest in my son. The coach actually e-mailed me back with more advice and guidance even after the camp was over. He really is there for us parents as a resource.”
  • “The field; it’s one of the nicest fields I’ve seen. Dropping my son off each morning and seeing the coaches getting the field ready just like they do in the pros; what a treat for them.”
  • “They treat the kids well. The coaches are really good about giving equal coaching to all the kids.”
  • “The location. Right off the freeway. One of the best camps on the eastside”
  • “I like the stuff they give out”

Hitting, fielding, baserunning, team defense concepts, and pitching will be covered. Our summer camps emphasize four things: fun, lots of instruction, lots of prizes, and a great facility. Players receive numerous baseball memorabilia goods and have opportunities to win items such as bats, gloves, and pro baseball prizes.

INSTRUCTORS -You are strongly encouraged to see the coaches page of this website for more background information. Compare the experience and educational background with others…


Q: Well the first question has to be, what about covid?
A: As of now things as you all know are trending in the right direction with schools opening, baseball leagues in full swing, increased vaccination. We don’t see anything causing a shutdown with uncertainty and concerns over whether to sign up like last summer. The college has established a safety plan with youth teams  using the facilities since October with no reported problems. As we get closer to camp time, we will send out more information, but as most all know, things are moving in the right direction. We will be having a detailed section on covid protocols coming soon.

Q: What is different this summer?
A: Coming off last year, with many kids not able to play baseball, or had skills decline, or experiencing a refreshed interest in the game now that we are moving to a greater state of normalcy, the one challenge this summer will be skill level relative to age. Because of this, we will not be having separate ‘junior’ vs. ‘senior’ camps like we’ve done in the past. For example, we might have a 10 year old who didn’t play last summer due to the covid shutdown and lost interest/didn’t practice because of no resources. That player will need to be trained differently than perhaps an 8 or 9-year old who traveled across the state last summer on a travel team and got a full summer of experience in.  The pandemic has created a lot of variation skill wise that can’t be separated by age anymore. To a smaller degree, this has always been a unique situation where we had advanced 9’s always wanting to ‘play up’ to be challenged in the former ‘senior’ camp. We have secured an additional facility so we can essentially run our camps like a professional team; we can have the ‘major’ leaguers in one area and the ‘minor’ leaguers in another. We will then have the ability to move players up/down for each skill to get appropriate coaching. For example, we can have a player who maybe got hitting lessons in the advanced group for hitting but move him to another group if their defense or pitching skills are not at the level of their hitting (we see this often). The coaching will be even more tailored to their skill level on a daily basis, with players being assigned to appropriate levels. For example, pitchers who already have sound fundamentals will be working on more advanced topics rather than wasting time repeating basic things they already know.  We will need the first day or so however to assess, so the latter half of the week will be specialized. This method will also help with siblings, as we’ve constantly had an 8 year old who had an 11 year old brother and the parents wanted both in the same camp for commuting/convenience. In the past we didn’t allow but now this is no longer a problem.

Q: How does the pricing work?
A: The discounts, which we’ve been told have always been on the generous side, are even more so this year. Since we don’t have strict age cutoffs anymore, there are more weekly options to fit around vacation, tourneys, other camps, etc. We will have four sessions and anyone 7-12 can sign up for any of them. One camp only is $350. If you register for a second camp that one will be discounted $100 off and only cost $250. If you register for a third camp, that one will be discounted $250 and only cost $100! The average cost if one came to three camps is only $230. We’ve had players win over $250 in merchandise/prizes, so they basically came to camp for free. A typical camp variety in the summer, for example of one Bellevue camp, one camp at a four-year university, and a non-sport camp such as gaming design or coding would average nearly $1200 for the three. You’d save $500 by taking advantage of our offering this summer!

Q: Will this affect what ‘team’ they are on / being with friends?
A: No. The above only pertains to their instruction in the morning session. We will still have the older 10-12’s forming teams for competition with the 7-9’s on another diamond.  This part of the camp will remain the same, as we want them socially to have a good experience as well. It is not our intention to have 8 year olds playing with 12’s in games.

Q: Do I have to sign up for more than one camp when I initially register, or can I add a camp later on, and still get the discount?
A: If you sign up for multiple sessions initially, the discount will automatically appear. If you decide to add a camp later, you still get the discount, but you get the discount back as a refund. For example if you register for one camp. Then two weeks later sign up for a second one, you’ll get charged the full $325, but you’ll then get a refund of $100 right after; so in summary, you still get the discount, regardless of when you add second and/or third sessions.



LOCATION:  Located on Courter Field. Both facilities are on north end of the campus.

DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS: 3000 Landerholm Circle SE (head west off intersection of 148th Ave. SE and SE 30th). Facilities located via north entrance to campus.

AGES: 7-12. As long as your player is still 12 this summer they can enroll.

Monday through Thursday from 9AM – 3PM. See the detailed schedule below for dates.

COST: $350. Enroll in a second camp and get $100 off for a cost of $250. Add a third camp and get an additional $150 off, meaning $250 discount for a total of only $100!

DOOR PRIZES: Various handouts such as shirts, lanyards, and / or gym sacks for all participants. Additional awards and prizes on the final day of camp including: wood bats, gloves, official  game hats, apparel and more!

ENROLLMENT CAP: 50. All participants must pre-register via the website or phone-e-mail. Hold onto/save your confirmation screen after online registration: This is your confirmation of your enrollment.

WHEN TO ARRIVE: 15-30 minutes early. Parent should accompany camper on first day if registered by phone in case waiver needs to be signed/payment needed.

WHAT TO BRING: baseball pants/sweats (for sliding), hat, glove, bat, helmet (if available), catcher’s gear (if the player has gear and plays the position of catcher), lunch and beverage in enclosed hard cooler, A limited selection of helmets, bats and catcher’s gear is available for those who do not own them. Please label all personal equipment. Lost and found is held for one week only following camp. Items are then turned over to Campus Security. Call (425) 564-2356 for lost items.

PERSONAL FILMING: Allowed and encouraged at all camps.

LUNCH/FOOD/REFRESHMENTS: Bring lunch in a hard cooler. If you are a parent bringing a lunch or are taking a camper out, ask the coach the day of camp when lunch break will be.

SUPERVISION/STAFF: Members of the college team will serve as assistant instructors to ensure a proper participant:instructor ratio of approximately 8:1. Parents and coaches are encouraged to watch, ask questions, and provide reflective commentary on instructor quality. We value this input and have used this to improve our quality of instruction. Observers must stay clear of the activity area in order to maintain a safe camp environment. Once camp terminates, there will be NO direct supervision of campers (although staff will be present at the facility).

INSURANCE: All participants must have medical clearance and insurance to participate. Medical expenses for accidents and / or illnesses are not the responsibility of Bellevue College.

via the website

or via land mail. check to Bellevue College Baseball. Mail to same. 3000 Landerholm Circle SE G-150, Bellevue, WA 98007. Due to college policy we can no longer take credit card over the phone.

*if you register on the day of camp, be prepared to sign a waiver! See e-mail contact below.

CANCELLATIONS-REFUNDS: Refunds granted less $30 administration fee regardless of time of cancellation. No refunds for weather (unless campus is officially closed by college officials). Please plan ahead before signing up. No refunds for partial attendance. For refunds, see contact below.

WAITING LIST: For each camp that is full, a waiting list will be established. Generally, one or two get into each camp in which a wait list is established.

CONTACTS: e-mail any questions relating to registration or camp information.

2021 Schedule

all sessions located outdoors on Courter Field. 9AM -3PM

Session I: July 5-8- full to capacity with no waitlist available
Session II: July 19-22 – full to capacity with no waitlist available
Session III: August 9-12– full to capacity with no waitlist available
Session IV: August 16-19– full to capacity with no waitlist available





Last Updated June 19, 2021