Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses (and Other Information)

DATE: June 15, 2021
(excluding faculty, UAT testers, and those exempt from Phase 1 SBCTC training due to their roles)

SUBJECT: Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses (and Other Information)

This is a reminder that the deadline for ctcLink Online Phase 1 Self-Paced Training Courses is June 30. Phase 1 training prepares employees to attend Phase 2 and 3 training workshops. Completion of this training sets up the college for success as we continue our path toward a full rollout in November.

Please work with your supervisor to make sure you can complete the training by the June deadline.

Selection of Courses
Visit the ctcLink Phase 1 Training Page for information regarding recommended training. Typically, employees take the All-Employee Training and Core Training. It is possible, however, that additional courses are required depending upon your department and role. Please discuss the possibility with your supervisor.

Note: Additional training is required for all managers. For more information, consult the All Managers section under All Employees or Managers.

Registration for Courses
Once you have determined the training you need, please follow these steps to register:
1. Go to the ctcLink Implementation Phase Canvas Course Registration page.
2. View the video on how to register or follow the handout to register.
3. Complete the registration.
4. The next time you log onto Canvas, the training courses you selected will be available under your course list using your BC account. If you have any questions, please contact Warda Zaman.

Checking Completion of Courses
As you complete your courses, please check the Completion Report on a weekly basis. If your name is missing from the report, please email Warda Zaman.

Practicing Your Learning and Other Information
Get a feel for the ctcLink system by conducting a ctcLink Demo for your team. Navigate the trial-and-error business processes activities. This environment is self-guided, allowing you to explore PeopleSoft tools, practice steps, and workflows. On your own

Another way for everyone to explore ctcLink is by helping with or watching User Acceptance Testing (UAT), July 28-Sept 24. Ask a colleague if you can sit in on their testing process. UAT tests and the names of participants can be viewed on the UAT Participant List.

Helpful Links and Resources
• Review the updates archive or check out ctcLink frequently asked questions on the ctcLink website.
• Drop-in June 17th from 9-10 am to the ctcLink Office Hours.
• Find out more about the state-wide efforts on the SBCTC blog: ctcLink Connect.
• View the SBCTC’s updates on ctcLink Accessibility.
• Each division has a participant on the Organizational Change Management (OCM) Task Force to provide staff with general information and help you find answers to your questions. Invite them to your team meeting to give a ctcLink update.
• Please email Warda Zaman or Maria Rivas if you have any questions regarding the training.

Warda Zaman (she/her)
Human Resources
(425) 564-2273
3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Room B205B
Bellevue, WA 98007

Last Updated August 15, 2021