Create a Scholarship

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Creating a scholarship is a unique and impactful gift that allows you to name a scholarship to honor someone close to you and customize your giving around a general set of requirements.

Reasons to Create a Scholarship

Establishing a scholarship at Bellevue College provides life-changing assistance to students, and there are additional reasons why individuals, families, and organizations choose to create a scholarship.

You may want to honor someone close to you, such as a family member or a mentor, by creating a scholarship in their name.

Many local organizations create scholarships to increase their philanthropic presence, to advance research in a particular area, or even to ensure future well-trained and qualified employees in their field.

Discuss the Possibilities

We would like to discuss the possibilities and opportunities with you, so that you can best honor the person or organization who the scholarship is named for. We will:

  • Discuss your budget and how to maximize it in order to assist the most students, over the longest period of time
  • Help you determine who you’d like to assist:
    • Do you have a specific program in mind?
    • Would you like to assist students who are training to work in a particular field?
    • Are you hoping to assist students from a particular background or set of experiences?
  • Help you craft a set of requirements and eligibility criteria around the scholarship

Please contact Melissa Johnson for more information on establishing a scholarship for BC students.

Last Updated September 26, 2023