BC Excellence Awards

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What Are the BC Excellence Awards?

The Foundation Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards honor outstanding service by BC faculty and staff members. We believe these annual awards are exceedingly special because winners are selected from nominations received from the Bellevue College community – that is, fellow staff and faculty, as well as students. Along with recognition by and gratitude from the entire BC campus community, winners are awarded $2,500 each. One winner is selected from each of the following categories:

  • Full-time faculty
  • Part-time faculty
  • Classified staff
  • Exempt staff

Nominations are now closed for the 2023-24 BC Foundation Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards

Nominations were due by 11:59 PM on December 31, 2023. Recipients will be announced in April and formally honored at the Year End Celebration in June.

And the 2022-23 Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards Go to…

Full-Time Faculty Award

BC Excellence Award winner Linda Schinman.

Linda Schinman
Radiation Therapy

Part-Time Faculty Award

BC Excellence Award winner Matt Edwards.

Matt Edwards
Communication Studies

Classified Employee Award

BC Excellence Award winner Pheng Moua.

Pheng Moua
Food Services

Exempt Employee Award

BC Excellence Award winner Kimberly Hassell.

Kimberly Hassell
Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute (HSEWI)

Congratulations to all the 2022-23 Faculty & Staff Excellence Award Nominees!

Alice Jenkins • Alicia Keating Polson • Ana Milena Sanchez Cano • Andrew Emery • Anneke Hercules • April Wedman • Beau Obremski • Betsy Zahrt Geib • Carli Yip • Celeste Lonson • Chad White • Chie Muraoka • Christine Taylor • Danette Ames • Danielle Jacobson • Darnita Boynton Howard • David Bruckner • Dennis Gorsuch • Emily Steitzer • Erich Hilkert • Felipe Anaya • Heather Rane • Iulia Zavodov • J. Engel Szwaja Franken • Jacqueline Gapinski • Jean D’Arc Campbell • Jen Anderson • Jennifer Fetters • Jessica Berry • Jorja Gunderson • Jose Aparicio • Joy Prosise • Karrin Peterson • Kyle Barber • Lynette Brooks-Fletcher • Maggie Harada • Michael Culpepper • Miki Ishihara • Minh Nguyen • Minnat Hamada • Mitchell Bland • Sapan Parekh • Sharon Kussy • Susan Hampson • Theodore Spence • Troy Tompkins • Varik Hoang • Vicki Carnegie • Yelena Zlotnik

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