Student Trustee

The Bellevue College Board of Trustees is composed of six members, appointed by the governor. Five of the members serve a five-year term and the student member serves a one-year term. All members must reside within the college’s district boundaries.

The governor selects the student member from a list of candidates, of at least three and not more than five, submitted by Bellevue College’s Associated Student Government or their equivalent.  The student member is expected to hold their office for a term of one year, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th, or until the student member’s successor is appointed and qualified, whichever is later. The student member must be a full-time student in good standing at Bellevue College at the time of appointment and throughout the student’s term.

The student trustee holds the same voting rights and responsibilities as other trustees.  The student appointed shall excuse themselves from participation or voting on matters relating to the hiring, discipline, or tenure of faculty members and personnel or any other matters pertaining to collective bargaining agreements.

The student trustee has the unique responsibility to bring a student voice and perspective to the Board and serves as an informational link between the trustees and members of the college community, particularly the students.

Student positions on governing boards are also a valuable tool for developing leadership through experiential learning. Student members learn processes of institutional governance, become involved in campus projects, analyze policy proposals, and participate in board discussions and decision making.

Past Student Trustees

2018: Joedy MorrowJoedy Morrow

Joedy has been actively involved in the College’s governance system since her appointment to represent the student body through the Associated Student Government (ASG) in March 2017. Joedy served on the ASG as the Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative and as the Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism. Joedy is passionate about sustainability and social justice. She created a campus wide sustainability program and visited Washington DC to advocate for Bellevue College.

2017: Michael ChaMichael Cha

Michael Cha previously served in the Campus Activities Board as an Event Coordinator, within the Associated Student Government as Chief Justice, and as the Student Program Coordinator for the Bellevue College Association of Veterans.

2016: Marianne AlbayMarianne Albay

Marianne Albay has been an active student at Bellevue College since 2015 participating in student government and serving as a Peer to Peer mentor. Marianne graduated from the Tesla STEM High School in Redmond, Washington. She brings a thoughtful and informed student perspective to the Board of Trustees.

2015:  David KookDavid Kook

David Kook endured a competitive field to become Bellevue College’s fourth Student Trustee. He began as a reporter for the Watchdog, the Bellevue College newspaper, before becoming the News Editor, a position he holds concurrently.

Stassney Obregon2014: Stassney Obregon

Stassney Obregon came to the Student Trustee position as an active student involved in El Centro Latino, the Organization of Women Leaders, and the BC Rotaract Club. As an Oceanography Major, she was heavily involved in supporting women in STEM fields, attending many conferences as a student, including the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

Takhmina Dzhuraeva2013: Takhmina Dzhuraeva

Takhmina Dzhuraeva served for three years in the Associated Student Government, prior to becoming the student trustee. She was the Associated Justice of Internal Affairs 2010 – 2011, the Vice President of Finance and Communication 2011 – 2012, and the President 2012 – 2013. Takhmina broke many barriers at the Student Trustee. She was the first female, international, and Bachelor Degree student (for Interior Design) to serve.

Robert Rowe2012: Robert Rowe

Prior to becoming Bellevue College’s first Student Trustee, Robert Rowe served as the Associated Student Government Chief Justice from 2010 – 2011 while returning to school to become a math teacher. Robert was active in helping Bellevue College get this position, going so far as to testify in favor of the bill that ultimately granted all Community and Technical Colleges in Washington State the ability to have a student trustee.

Last Updated May 20, 2020