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Current Nuclear Medicine professional seeking to further their career have several options to earn an advanced degree right here at Bellevue College! These programs provide applicable skills and knowledge to prepare Nuclear Medicine technologists for advanced post-primary modalities, management positions and continued education into masters level programs. Check out each degree option available here at Bellevue College!

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Radiation & Imaging Sciences,
Nuclear Medicine concentration 

The Radiation & Imaging Sciences Nuclear Medicine concentration is designed to further educate current nuclear medicine technologists. The Bachelors of Applied Science degree includes a combination of courses in general education, leadership, management, and advanced technologies including nuclear cardiology, positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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Radiation & Imaging Sciences,
Technology concentration 

The Radiation & imaging Sciences (RAIS) Bachelor of Applied Science degree incorporates discipline-based, general education, and elective courses built on progressive rigor and sophistication. The program receives ongoing review and guidance from its industry advisory committee to maintain currency. The Radiation and Imaging Sciences Technology (RAIT) concentration is designed for students seeking advanced technical/clinical expertise leading to additional certification.

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Healthcare Management & Leadership,
Radiation & Imaging Management concentration 

The Healthcare Management & Leadership Bachelor of Applied Science degree is a career-oriented program developed specifically to meet the career advancement needs of individuals with radiation and imaging science preparation and experience. The degree program offers a professionally relevant curriculum built around the essentials of leadership and provide an overview of the business and administrative functions of healthcare.

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Healthcare Informatics,
General concentration

Students in the Healthcare Informatics degree will explore the unique environment of healthcare, its language, laws and systems, in juxtaposition with IT systems infrastructure, analysis, implementation and outcomes. Emphasis is on current issues in healthcare, healthcare delivery systems, patient privacy, data security and mining, clinical vocabularies, healthcare IT project management, technical standards, business intelligence and decision support.

Last Updated June 7, 2022