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Cesar Rangel, M.A.

Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement / Humanities & Communication

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Advising Specialty: I serve as the University Transfer Center Specialist and advise for the Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement and Humanities & Communication Pathways, which include university transfer options.

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Education: Associate of Arts from Bellevue College; Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences from the University of Washington; Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Washington.

Hobbies and/or interest: In my free time I enjoy reading and spending time with my son Pedro.

Favorite Quote: “The pages that follow are dedicated to the children who once upon a time, years ago, crossed my path on the Calella de la Costa. They had been playing soccer and were singing: We lost, we won, either way we had fun.”  – Eduardo Galeano, author of Soccer in Sun and Shadow.

How to contact Cesar:

If you are requesting services related to the University Transfer Center please review the website for drop in Microsoft teams chat options.