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Crickett Watt

Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement / Humanities & Communication / Technology & Data Advising

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Starting on November 24th, Crickett will provide in-person academic advising sessions on Wednesdays & Thursdays

Advising Specialty: I advise for the Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement / Humanities & Communication, and Technology & Data Pathways.

Pronouns: She/Her/ Hers

Education: Associates in Nursing, Maricopa Gateway College, Bachelors in Psychology, University of Alaska Anchorage, Masters of Education with emphasis on counseling and career counseling, University of Alaska Anchorage

What advice would you give a student: For each class, get a study buddy. You don’t have to be great friends, just a good study buddy. You will hold each other accountable and teach each other along the way. Ask questions, there are answers in the oddest places, you never know where you will find the answers, but if you ask, you will find them. Get involved, this will open opportunities you didn’t think possible. Remember your dreams! You chose higher education for a reason. Don’t let your dream get lost. Most of all, remember Advisors are on your side – so talk to us, let us know how you are doing, inside and outside of school. 

Ask me about: Whatever you wish, I am always open to learning new thoughts, new ways, new ideas. When you ask, we both stretch out minds and great dialogue happens.

Interests: White beaches and warm oceans. Seeing the Aurora Borealis dance again. 

Motto: Be Brave

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