Medical Administrative Assistant

The person in the position of medical administrative assistant is often the first person a client or patient talks to when entering a medical office, clinic, hospital, or other healthcare facility. Common tasks include greeting the patient, taking information, referring patient questions to appropriate sources, scheduling visits, answering the phone, and other duties as assigned by the employer.

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate has a total of 48 credits and is usually completed is four (4) quarters. It prepares participants for entry-level positions in outpatient settings.

See the full Certificate of Achievement curriculum.


  • Admission to Bellevue College as a credit student.
  • Basic computer skills and access to a computer with Internet access is highly recommended
  • Placement by assessment into ENGL&101 for advanced classes.
  • Successful completion of both Foundation and Program courses.

The following table outlines the Medical Administrative Assistant certificate program as of Summer 2022:

Foundation Courses  
AHE 100Introduction to Healthcare5 Cr.
AHE 110Medical Terminology5 Cr.
AHE 120Safety for Healthcare2 Cr.
BIOL 108
- OR -
AHE 130
- OR -
* t BIOL 241
- AND -
* t BIOL 242
Human Biology
- - -
Human Systems
- - -
Anatomy & Physiology I
- - -
Anatomy & Physiology II
6 Cr.
- - -
5 Cr.
- - -
6 Cr.
- - -
6 Cr.

Sub-Total Foundation:

17-18 Cr.


Medical Administrative Assistant Program Courses  
AHEA 100Medical Law & Ethics3 Cr.
AHEA 102Introduction to Medical Administration5 Cr.
AHEA 104Introduction to Billing & Coding5 Cr.
AHEA 106Medical Computer Systems5 Cr.

Sub-Total MAA:

18 Cr.

Total MAA Certificate: 48-57 Cr.

BOLD courses are the standard department recommendation, any listed course may be selected as an alternative. Courses not listed, though of equivalent content (including transfer) may be eligible for substitution following the Bellevue College transfer and/or substitution policies.
* Both BIOL&241 and BIOL&242 must be completed to meet the anatomy and physiology standard, if this option is selected.
t Some courses have defined prerequisite or placement standards, please see the course catalog for requirements for these courses.

Career Opportunities

The medical administrative assistant employee goes by many names: receptionist, staffing assistant, admitting registrar, patient care coordinator.


Last Updated May 10, 2022