Professional Certification

Allied Health Certificate, Certification, and Licensure Information

Note the difference among the following terms.

Certificate of Completion: The college awards a certificate of completion or achievement at the end of a training program. However, they cannot award certification.

Professional certification: Provided either through government or professional agencies (such as AAPC, the American Association for Professional Coders). Some healthcare jobs require professional certification. Certification can involve a test that may cost $100-$300, depending on the test. Most certification tests are valid anywhere in the nation.

State Licensure: Some states (such as Washington State) require that the student complete a training course, pass a certification test, and apply for licensure through the state before they can get a job in certain health professions. Licensure doesn’t require another test–just an application and documentation of your training and certification.

See below for options and whether certification and/or licensure is required in Washington State for that job.

Administrative Programs

MAA: Medical Administrative Assistant

Certification Required in WA? NO.

Certification Recommended? Yes. It will help put you at the top of the employment candidate list.

Agencies Offering Certification:

State Licensure Required? NO.

MBC: Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Certification Required in WA? NO. Not required by the state government.

Certification Recommended? Yes! Definitely. Most employers REQUIRE certification (pick one below).

Agencies Offering Certification in Coding:

Agencies Offering Certification in Billing:

Clinical Programs

MA-P: Phlebotomist

Certification Required in WA? No…just training.

Certification Recommended? Yes.

Agencies Offering Certification:

State Licensure Required? YES. Complete training, and then apply for a license through Washington State

CLA: Clinical Lab Assistant

Certification Required in WA? No…just training

Certification Recommended? Yes–after 6 months of full-time employment

Agencies Offering Certification:
Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) through ASCP

  • Click on U.S. Certfications. Under Technician Certifications, click on MLA.
  • See Route 6 MLA certification option
    • High school graduation or equivalent,
    • AND successful completion of an acceptable two-part formal structured medical laboratory assistant (MLA) program within the last five years which consists of classroom training and clinical laboratory training,
    • AND six months of full time acceptable clinical** experience as a laboratory assistant in an acceptable laboratory within the last five years.
      Applicants should not apply until after successful completion of the structured program.

State Licensure Required? No.

MA-C: Clinical Medical Assistant

Certification Required in WA? YES.

Agencies Offering Certification (that are accepted by WA State):

State Licensure Required? YES. Complete training, plus one of the above certification tests, and THEN apply for a license through Washington State

Last Updated May 8, 2023