Externship Requirements

Each student is responsible to ensure that adequate documentation of the following requirements are provided. Documentation is required to ensure the health and safety of students and clients in healthcare agencies that provide clinical learning experiences.

The Allied Health department at Bellevue College has contracted with Castle Branch to provide several services for students. Learn more about Background Check and Immunization Tracker.

During Foundation Courses

While completing the foundation courses students must complete the following:

  1. Meet with the Work Based Learning Coordinator, schedule an externship planning meeting online.
  2. Setup a Castle Branch account online.
    • The Allied Health department has specific package codes and pin numbers that must be used when setting up a Castle Branch account.
    • You will be placed in the AHE Externship Canvas course 2-3 weeks after the start of your last quarter before externships. In this course there are instructions on how to set up your Castle Branch account and how to upload the required documentation. In the meantime please collect the required immunization documents so that you will be prepared.
  3. Complete your program specific Preferences Form and draft your Educational Resume. The Work-Based Learning Coordinator will request these documents via email in week 3 of the quarter prior to your practicum.
  4. Complete all required immunizations and have a background check completed.
  5. Request an entry code for a program introduction course.
    • This should be done during the registration for the quarter when the course will be taken (DO NOT REQUEST AN ENTRY CODE EARLY).

Note: All required immunizations must be completed with supporting documents uploaded into the Clinical Profile prior to receiving an entry code for a program introduction course.

The following are program introduction courses:

AHEL 110: Introduction to Phlebotomy – 5 credits

During Pre-Externship Courses

While completing the pre-externship courses students must complete the following:

  1. At midterms request access to the Externship Non-Credit Canvas course from the Work-Based Learning Coordinator.
  2. Complete ALL On-Boarding paperwork for assigned clinical site, sign in ink, scan into a PDF document, and upload all information to AHE externship Canvas course.
    •  If you do not have a scanner there are several located on campus, or you may try the Cam Scanner App
    • Schedule and attend any required badging or fingerprinting appointments.
  3. Request an entry code for the externship course.
    • This should be done during the registration for the quarter when the course will be taken (DO NOT REQUEST AN ENTRY CODE EARLY).

Note: All On-Boarding paperwork must be completed and submitted prior to receiving an entry code for an externship course.

The following are pre-externship courses:

AHEM 120: Clinical Medicine – 3 credits

AHEM 122: Clinical Procedures – 3 credits

AHEM 124: Diagnostic Medicine – 3 credits

During Externship Courses

Prior to beginning externship students must complete the following:

  1. Register for the externship course.
  2. Sign and return the externship agreement form.

Note: Students must complete all of the required hours to pass the externship course.

The following are externship courses:

AHEL 118: Phlebotomy Practicum – 5 credits

AHEM 128: Medical Assistant Practicum – 5 credits

Last Updated March 25, 2024