Schedule An Appointment

The Allied Health department offers online scheduling for appointments.

Academic Advisors

Advise prospective students looking into Allied Health Certificate programs within the Health Sciences, Education, and Wellness Institute (HSEWI) at Bellevue College. Students will learn about the scope of work for each career path as well as HSEWI pathways, and get a brief overview of each program’s prerequisites.

Program Manager

Advise students who are currently enrolled in an Allied Health certificate or degree and have already completed the foundation courses. Students can discuss their education plans, enrollment questions and confirm graduation eligibility. We are currently transitioning program managers so appointment times may be limited.

Program Chair

Review issues or concerns with the Allied Health department, programs, courses or faculty, as well as, discussing and outlining solutions. These meetings are considered confidential to the extent that is allowed by policy. These meetings should be in accordance with the Complaint Resolution Policies of Bellevue College [1450P, 1440P].

Career Specialists

Provide one-on-one career advising, classes and workshops, work-study and internship opportunities, and many computerized resources. Students and community members can find career planning and job search assistance in the Center for Career Connections. Appointments are available online or on-campus.

Last Updated December 20, 2023