Schedule An Appointment

The Allied Health department offers online scheduling for appointments. This is the primary method to schedule an appointment with members of the Allied Health department.  The online scheduling option is available for current Bellevue College students only. If you are a prospective student please contact the Allied Health Program Manager to schedule an appointment with the department.

Students may also contact the advising center for both general advising and planning that may cross programs and divisions.

In preparation for scheduling please be prepared to provide your name, as it appears in college registration, your student identification number (SID), your Bellevue College email, and a brief description of your appointment needs. The Allied Health department offers four (4) general appointment types, please select from these options below:


General Advising:

Includes general information about the Allied Health programs and certificate requirements. These appointments are typically scheduled with the Program Manager, however, may be rescheduled with the Program Director based on your individual circumstances.

Externship Planning:

Includes information about the Allied Health process for placing externship students, reviewing documentation such as immunization records and background checks, and assistance with Certified Profile. These appointments are typically scheduled with the Clinical Coordinator.

Education Planning:

Includes creating an education plan for the Allied Health programs, reviewing transcripts, and signing degree/certificate documents for completion or waiver / substitution. These appointments are typically scheduled with the Department Director.

Department, Program, Courses or Faculty Issue:

Includes review of issues or concerns with the Allied Health department, programs, courses or faculty, as well as, discussing and outlining solutions. These meetings are considered confidential to the extent that is allowed by policy. These meetings should be in accordance with the Complaint Resolution Policies of Bellevue College [1450P, 1450P2, 1440P]. These appointments are typically scheduled with the Department Director.


Last Updated May 17, 2016