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Bellevue College offers several programs of study in a variety of Allied Health disciplines. Our programs fall into two general categories, administrative and clinical. In addition to several certificate programs, students are also able to earn an Associates of Applied Science – Transfer (AAS-T) degree in Allied Health.

The Allied Health department uses a “stacked” educational model. First, all programs require completion of the same foundation courses. Then the program specific courses are “stacked” on to these foundation courses to complete a specific certificate. Each of these certificates can then serve as the “major” requirement for the AAS-T in Allied Health; which is completed when you “stack” general education and electives on to the certificate, totaling 90 credits.

By using this “stacked” method:

  • students can complete programs in multiple Allied Health areas
  • students can return to the College to complete additional training in other Allied Health areas
  • students can build toward an AAS-T in Allied Health
  • students can prepare for careers in other healthcare disciplines while completing Allied Health programs
  • students can expand their education and career goals into Bachelors and other advanced programs

All of these options can be accomplished with this “stacked” approach, enabling multiple simultaneous pathways; rather than needing to start over, or retake courses to make progress in different or more advanced areas.

The best way to accomplish your goals for the Allied Health disciplines, is to read through the programs of interest to you, develop both short term and long term goals, and meet with an advisor to establish your plan. The following pages describe the current courses, programs, certificates and degree offered by the Allied Health department.

Foundation Courses:

Foundation Courses

In order to best prepare students for careers in healthcare, the Allied Health department has identified several foundation areas that apply to all of our programs. These foundation courses are required for all of the certificates offered by the Allied Health department.

Administrative Programs:

Medical Administrative Assistant

The person in the position of medical administrative assistant is often the first person a client or patient talks to when entering a medical office, clinic, hospital, or other healthcare facility.

Health Unit Coordinator

The health unit coordinator (HUC) is an entry-level health professional that helps maintain and support a healthcare facility.

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

The Medical Billing & Coding Specialist helps prevent our health care system from grinding to a bureaucratic halt!

Clinical Programs:

Phlebotomy Technician

A phlebotomy technician’s primary responsibility is drawing blood and conducting other specimen collections.

Clinical Laboratory Assistant

Clinical lab assistants (CLA) perform the basic functions of laboratory work under the supervision of other laboratory professionals.

Emergency Department Technician

An Emergency Department Technician (EDT) assesses and manages a wide range of emergency conditions including…

Medical Assistant (MA-C)

Medical Assistants, serve as the primary provider delegate in the Allied Health professions. Medical Assistants perform both administrative and clinical skills, with in their scope of practice, serving as an extension of the healthcare provider or practitioner.

Degree Option:

Allied Health Degree, AAS-T

The Associates of Applied Science – Transfer degree (AAS-T), with Allied Health focus; combines any of the Allied Health certificate programs with college based general education requirements and electives in order to achieve an associates degree at Bellevue College.

All Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for all Allied Health courses offered at Bellevue College.

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