Welcome to the Allied Health department (AHE), part of the Health Science, Education & Wellness Institute (HSEWI) at Bellevue College (BC). The Allied Health department offers both administrative and clinical certificate programs.

Allied Health programs train you for positions that are adaptable and applicable in both the in-person and remote (telehealth) environments in a wide range of settings, including inpatient and outpatient and across many medical specialities.

What Our Students Say

“My situation is a little unique as I’ve worked in healthcare admin and management (human and veterinary) for a long time prior to completing the Allied Health courses. Not all of the material was new to me because of this, but there were still plenty of new ideas, formal specifics and material to keep it engaging for me. I used to manage the client service team at a clinic, and often found myself wishing that they would have taken some of these courses so they would have had a better foundation of medical knowledge and professionalism that is emphasized in the BC Allied Health courses.

In all my Allied Health courses I particularly enjoyed interacting with other students on discussion posts and getting a closer look at the diverse nature of fellow Allied Health students. Medicine requires us to know so much, but it is equally as important to be continually curious, open to input and respectful of diverse motivators and backgrounds. I took most of my courses in online/asynchronous formats, and even with that challenge, all of the instructors were able to deliver an environment that fostered discussion and dialogue between students.”

– Elizabeth M. (Current Allied Health Student)

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