The Allied Health department at Bellevue College has contracted with CastleBranch to provide several services for students.

  • Document Management
  • Background Verification
  • Drug Screening

The department has chosen Certified Background due to their wide acceptance throughout the healthcare industry, the variety of services offered for students and their willingness to establish reduced rates for our students.  A brief description of the services available to students through Certified Background follows.

Document Management

This service allows students to complete their Clinical Profile Checklist and Externship Requirements by using the secure, online document management system. Students enrolled in AHE 100, Introduction to Healthcare, will be provided access to the document management system through Certified Background.  The system is titled CastleBranch.  Students will create an account at CastleBranch and begin completing the requirements for their “clinical passport”.  The system provides step by step instructions to complete the information and upload supporting documentation for the “clinical profile”.  The system will generate reminders for any items that require follow up or additional steps to complete, such as serial vaccination schedules.  Once completed, the system will provide an initial validation screening to determine if the provided information and documentation meet the programs requirements.  This provides a first line validation method.  Once validated and confirmed, students will be allowed to proceed into their practicum / externships.

The system provides several benefits to both the student and program.

  • Students will have a centralized database to place the required documentation.
  • Students receive “life time” access to the information, allowing them to use the information for both their practicum / externship and future employment.
  • The program will have ready access, in a centralized location, to the completed information in order to provide validation to our clinical sites.
  • The system presents a secure, compliant environment to store these records.

Background Screening

As part of the services provided by CastleBranch, students will have access to a reduced cost background screening that meets the requirements for our clinical contracts.

As students approach their practicum / externship courses they will receive a reminder to complete their background screening.  Students may also elect to complete this at any time, if there are potential background conflicts that need to be addressed.

The system provides several benefits to both the student and program.

  • The background screening is an “add on” to students clinical profile account.
  • Students can access the information from a single account, and have access to that information as part of their “profile”.
  • The system meets the requirements of the clinical sites and can be updated when needed.
  • The system provides for follow up screenings in compliance with our clinical site requirements.
  • The screenings are offered at a reduced rate and ensure compliance.

Drug Screening

Many of our clinical sites are adding the requirement for drug screening.  Once again, this is an “add on” to the students regular account.  Students will be notified to complete their drug screening as they approach their practicum / externship course.  The drug screen is conducted through Lab Corp and is entirely automated.  Students complete the requisition for the drug screen with CastleBranch.  They identify a Lab Corp site near them.  CastleBranch dispatches the appropriate chain-of-custody requisition to the identified Lab Corp site.  The student arrives at the site, verifies identity, and completes the testing.  The test results are posted back to the students profile account.

The system provides several benefits to both the student and program.

  • The entire system is automated, reducing the opportunity for error.
  • The screening is offered at a reduced cost.
  • The screening is compliant with our clinical site requirements.

Over all this system should increase the efficiency and reliability of our clinical documentation, background and drug screening.

Last Updated May 8, 2023