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Certification vs. Licensure

A common problem for those entering the healthcare professions is to define the difference between licensure and certification. This is further complicated by the variety of uses for these terms both in statute (law) and common vernacular (or language).


Background Checks

As a general rule, background checks are required for ALL healthcare professions. Background checks are designed to ensure that healthcare professionals, at all levels, do not present a risk to the patient population.


Phlebotomy Certification

The following policy applies to any student or graduate of Bellevue College, who applies to the Washington State Department of Health for Medical Assistant – Phlebotomy certification (MA-P). The policy outlines how a graduate of either the traditional phlebotomy (PbT) or the nontraditional phlebotomy granting programs (CLA, EDT) may apply for Washington State certification.


Externship Requirements

Documentation for certain standards is required to ensure the health and safety of students and patients in healthcare agencies that provide clinical learning experiences. The “Extern Requirements” outline these documentation standards for both the externship or practicum courses, as well as for future employment.


Externship Survey 

This survey is regarding the externship experience, providing the opportunity for students to relay additional information for the betterment of the programs.


Last Updated May 9, 2018