Men’s Soccer

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Bellevue College men’s soccer has a rich winning tradition featuring 10 NWAC titles. Our two-year training program provides players with the opportunity to maximize their potential on and off the field and prepare them for transfer opportunities to four-year schools.

2018 BC Men's soccer team. Names contained in caption
Front (L-R): Cristian Cortes, Isaias Gomez, Liban Yusuf, Paul Vonsovic (c), Kane Stark, Rodrick Muya, Collin McCarthy, Garret Gilman, Jinsei Iwata, Alexis Cortes. Back (L-R): Head Coach Eduardo Millán, Jackson Welch, Zakariya Awad (c), Jaden Atencio (c), Sam Price, Roberto Jimenez, Jesus Ayala, Miles Miller, Kaleta Hussein, Nathanael Strickland, Miguel Salcedo, Asst. Coach Pedro A. Millán Not pictured: James Farrell, Jaewoong Han, Tim Kobara

Last Updated June 23, 2019