Men’s Soccer

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Bellevue College men’s soccer has a rich winning tradition featuring 10 NWAC titles. Our two-year training program provides players with the opportunity to maximize their potential on and off the field and prepare them for transfer opportunities to four-year schools.

2019 BC Men’s Soccer Team

2019 BC Men's soccer team. Names contained in caption
Front (L-R): Tanner Guirsch, Amit Rai, Alexis Cruz, Mohaned Abdelzaher, Giovani Perez, Jaber Alattas, Jonathan Santiago, Kosuke Tsuji, Isaac Ponce, Andre Datol, Samuel Monterrosas, Fernando Garcia, Jesus Ayala Back (L-R): Asst. Coach Pedro A. Millán, Masahiko Kaneko, Hussein Kaleta-Muya, Garrett Gillman, Edgar Iguinez, Rodrick Muya, Shane Riley, Andrew Haines, Nick Peterson, Alexandre Herpain, Jackson Welch, Roberto Villalvazo, Jonathan Katanku, Head Coach Eduardo Millán (Not pictured): Jacob Rodriguez, Kevin Bartolo.

Last Updated August 28, 2019