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Bellevue College (BC) Staff: Complete Your Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses 

 *Note, information on faculty training and deadlines will be sent separately.

To prepare BC staff for ctcLink, training is being offered in three phases. These training phases are detailed below:

Phase 1

This phase involves high-level, self-paced, introductory courses designed to give you an overview of the new system. BC staff can register for Phase 1 ctcLink training courses now!

These trainings are offered by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) through Canvas and are intended to help you in transitioning to ctcLink. They are your first step toward understanding ctcLink and are critical to our collective success in using the new system. Completing this first phase will ensure you are eligible to take the second and third phases of training.

On the BC ctcLink training website, we have organized the trainings by employee type so that it is easier to identify what trainings you should sign up for. The courses are self-paced and will appear in Canvas once you self-register for them.  A common core of courses is available for all BC staff.

Important Notes for Phase 1

  • Be sure to complete your Phase 1 courses by the deadline dates! After Phase 1 courses have been successfully completed — with an 80% or higher final grade — participants are eligible to remotely attend Phase 2 and Phase 3 sessions.
  • The SBCTC has stated there will not be an opportunity to “catch up” to the later trainings if you miss out on this first phase. These are the prerequisites for Phase 2 and Phase 3. Plan ahead to space them out over the next few months.
  • Supervisors have been asked to track and report completion of employee training. Supervisors will receive reports generated from Canvas showing which employees have completed which courses.
  • We are only able to view training completed using your BC Canvas account. Please plan to access Canvas using your BC account. If you have already completed ctcLink training using a different account (from another college), please send confirmation of completion to Warda Zaman
  • We will host discussion sessions where you can discuss what you learned, ask questions and collaborate with colleagues on strategies for adjusting to our new system.

Deadlines for Phase 1

  • June 30 – All staff will need to complete the SBCTC self-paced courses
  • May 31 – If you are assigned to participate in activities (notice coming in the next few days), your deadline is May 31. The earlier deadline allows the State Board to populate security roles to your ctcLink profile ahead of the User Acceptance Testing activities scheduled for August. Data Validation assignments will be announced before or by the first week of February.
  • Faculty will receive a separate communication outlining training details.

How to Register for ctcLink Training Courses

1.      Identify the courses you would like to register for on theBC ctcLink training website. The information is organized by employee type and function/role section to help you determine which courses you should sign up for. Here is a handy guide with course descriptions.

2.      Once you have decided what courses to take, register on the SBCTC ctcLink Implementation Phase Canvas Course Registration page (opens new tab on the SBCTC website).

3.      Complete the registration.

a.      For Institution, choose Bellevue College from the pull-down menu.

b.      For Email Address, enter your Bellevue College email address.

4.      Select the courses you would like to register for and click submit (pushing “enter” on the keyboard won’t work and you’ll have to re-do everything.)

5.      When you next log in to Canvas, the training courses you selected will be available under your course list using your BC account.

Phase 2

These training courses are designed to address key concepts and pain points associated with the subject area. It is not a full training, but rather provides “nuggets” of information to compliment the self-paced training. These will be offered in August.

Phase 3

This training will occur in September/October/November and will be interactive, end-to-end training. This is where you will have the opportunity to ask detailed questions and pose unique scenarios to the facilitator.

We hope you are as excited as we are to join the rest of Washington State’s Community and Technical Colleges in using ctcLink to serve our students and employees. Please reach out to the following people with your questions:

  • If you have questions about which trainings you should take or have difficulties with the SBCTC registration page, please contact Warda Zaman
  • If you have questions about ctcLink,  please contact Maria Rivas.
  • If you have an accommodation request, please contact Elisabeth Heerema.
  • If you have difficulties accessing your courses in Canvas, please contact IT support.

Warda Zaman | Training and Professional Development Manager , Human Resources   (425) 564‐2273    3000 Landerholm Circle SE  

Last Updated August 15, 2021