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Hello BC Faculty,

Training for ctcLink is now available, and we are excited to share our plans for how we will prepare faculty for the transition. As you may be aware, BC is part of a state-wide initiative to change the community and technical college system’s data management software, and this change is scheduled to occur October 2021. It impacts faculty because everything will be different – how to view your class roster, how to input grades, how to view your paycheck and so much more.

We want to equip you with the tools you need to do your job in the new system.  As such, we will offer self-paced training courses, training-check-ins, and supplementary training.

Self-Paced Training

The second half of the April 22, 2021 College Issues Day will be provided for faculty to complete self-paced training. Those on full-time contract or paid for attending College Issues Day are expected to attend and complete the training. Part-time faculty not already being paid for the April 22nd  College Issues Day will receive a $50 stipend to complete the training.

Training is divided into three categories:  All faculty must complete Tier 1. We are also requiring full-time faculty complete Tier 2 training in order to support their programs (optional for part-time faculty). Supplemental training may be required for specific groups in the future but at this point is optional for all faculty.

All faculty may complete the following courses at their own pace. Training is asynchronous and all faculty are welcome to complete the training any time between now and May 3, 2021. Extended to May 17th.

Tier 1: Core Training (all faculty)

  • ES100 HCM Employee Self-Service
  • CF100 Faculty Self-Service

Tier 2: Supplemental Training (full-time faculty required, adjunct faculty optional)

  • CS100 Student Self-Service

Tier 3: Optional Training

  • CA100 Advisor Self-Service
  • AS100 Academic Structure
  • CC101 Managing 3Cs & Message Center
  • EX100 Travel & Expenses: Traveler

You may self-register for training at the SBCTC self-registration portal. Please visit the ctcLink training website for additional information.

Training Check-ins

Training Check-in sessions will be offered in May 2021 for faculty to discuss and ask questions about the training content. These sessions are provided for your learning, are optional and will not be paid.

Complementary Training

Additional trainings and support will happen in Fall – more to come on that…

Please email Warda Zaman or Maria Rivas if you have any questions regarding the training.

Rob Viens | Associate Vice President  | Office of Academic Affairs |  (425) 564‐3158  | 3000 Landerholm Circle SE bellevuecollege.edu   

Maria Rivas | ctcLink Project Manager  | Information Technology Services  | (425) 564‐3979  | 3000 Landerholm Circle SE bellevuecollege.edu   

Last Updated August 15, 2021