Notice of Potential Delay in Financial Aid File Review

Official Communication Date

August 11, 2021

Affected Students

Students who completed a financial aid file by Fall Quarter 2021 deadline (April 16, 2021) and are not registered for Fall Quarter 2021.


Hi student,

You completed a financial aid file for Fall Quarter 2021 by the deadline. Thank you for getting us the information we need to determine what aid you may be eligible for.

Our records show that you are not yet registered for Fall Quarter 2021. Here’s why you should register soon:

  • Better selection of classes
  • Priority for financial aid file review and awards for Fall Quarter will be given to registered students

Anticipated Delay in Awards and Disbursement

Bellevue College is transitioning to a new software, ctcLink, that centralizes many processes and improves student, staff, and faculty experience. Financial aid is one area impacted.

Due to this transition, some students who completed a financial aid file by the Fall Quarter deadline may have their award and disbursement delayed.

This potential delay is why it’s important to register for your Fall Quarter classes soon. While financial aid file review is not guaranteed in time for the start of Fall Quarter classes, the earlier you register the earlier your file will be reviewed and eligibility determined.

What We’re Doing to Help

BC is taking several steps to make sure this delay doesn’t affect your academic progress.

  • A deferment on tuition and fees will be issued to students who met the financial aid deadline, holding them in classes until their file is reviewed.
  • Aid for students eligible for the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) is prioritized for Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter
  • Enrollment Services will work with impacted students who are eventually determined not eligible for aid. This includes:
    • Allowing impacted students drop in progress or completed classes without impact to their record
    • Creating payment plans for any tuition and fees due

Please note that the deferment only applies to tuition and fees. Books, room and board (housing), transportation, and food must be paid out of pocket or through another assistance program. Some Pell grant students may qualify for a small amount of funds for books.

Timeline of Events

September 15 – Tuition payment for awarded students begins

September 22 – Disbursement of refunds begins

September 27 – Fall Quarter starts

October 19 – Disbursement of financial aid stops

November 30 – Disbursement of financial aid resumes

Helpful Resources

Fall Quarter Class Schedule

Register for Classes

Information about ctcLink for Students

Need help connecting to housing, food, transportation, and utilities assistance? Make an appointment with a Benefits Hub Financial Coach.

Last Updated August 15, 2021