General Posts

Vol. 6 – Tuesday, Nov. 12

Welcome to ctcLink All faculty are invited to activate their ctcLink account using and following the prompts. A how-to guide is now posted online.    Here’s what to do first: Activate your ctcLink account: Step-by-step instructions are available on the Faculty  How Do I...?page.(Select the accordion box for Account Activation.).   Verify Your Courses in ctcLink: Faculty members, once you have activated your account, you are encouraged to verify your courses ...more about Vol. 6 – Tuesday, Nov. 12

Vol. 4 – Tuesday, Nov. 9

Activate your account All staff are invited to activate their ctcLink account using and following the prompts. A How-Do-I Activate My Account guide is now posted on the website.  Note: those who activated accounts in the SVX practice site prior to ctcLink go-live must reactivate. Your ctcLink ID will be the same as you used in the test environment, but please verify it again ...more about Vol. 4 – Tuesday, Nov. 9

Vol. 3 – Monday, Nov. 8

Activate your account ctcLink has successfully launched at Bellevue College! This email is for people who were notified last week that you require the SBCTC workshops to get started on re-opening your office. You (and only you) may now activate your ctcLink account using and following the prompts. A how-to guide is now posted online. Remember: please keep this access information to yourself for today – tomorrow the ...more about Vol. 3 – Monday, Nov. 8

ctcLink Training

ctcLink Self-Paced Check-In Sessions We are organizing a series of training check-in sessions for employees so that they can discuss and ask questions regarding the Phase 1 SBCTC self-paced training. The schedule and links for these sessions are given in the website and flyer below.    Employees who have completed the relevant training courses are welcome to drop-in for these sessions by clicking on the meeting links next to ...more about ctcLink Training

ctcLink Training

The best thing you, as an employee, can do to help ensure our smooth transition to ctcLink is to complete the trainings identified for your role. These trainings will be offered in three phases which are detailed below:   Phase 1 involves high-level, self-paced, introductory courses designed to give you an overview of the new system. Phase 1 is now open for self-registration!  Please check ...more about ctcLink Training

Notice of Potential Delay in Financial Aid File Review

Bellevue College’s transition to a new software, ctcLink, impacts many processes, including financial aid. Due to this transition, some students who completed a financial aid file by the Fall Quarter deadline may have their award and disbursement delayed.

Finance Pillar – Purchasing FAQs

Purchasing functions will be paused as Bellevue College moves from the old system to ctcLink. This freeze will help ensure that the Finance Module of the new system is successfully implemented.   IMPACT PERIOD: Sept. 23 – Nov. 1 P-Card transactions will not be allowed. Departments should anticipate needs through the end of November. Stocking additional inventory prior to the shutoff date in September will be a priority. IMPACT ...more about Finance Pillar – Purchasing FAQs

Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses

The deadline for ctcLink Online Phase 1 Self-Paced Training Courses is June 30. Phase 1 training prepares employees to attend Phase 2 and 3 training workshops. Completion of this training sets up the college for success as we continue our path toward a full rollout in November.  Please work with your supervisor to make sure you can complete the training by ...more about Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses

Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses (and Other Information)

DATE: June 15, 2021 TO: ALL EMPLOYEES (excluding faculty, UAT testers, and those exempt from Phase 1 SBCTC training due to their roles) SUBJECT: Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses (and Other Information) This is a reminder that the deadline for ctcLink Online Phase 1 Self-Paced Training Courses is June 30. Phase 1 training prepares employees ...more about Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses (and Other Information)

Bellevue College Account Deletion

Bellevue College Alumni, You are receiving this e-mail because you currently have a network and e-mail account with Bellevue College that will be deleted on 8/23/2021.  These deletions are part of a larger project transitioning our operations to a new system.  Only current student information will be transferred into the new system. To prepare for ...more about Bellevue College Account Deletion