Apply for Graduation

Please be aware that you need to apply for graduation by filling out and submitting a form online. You will not graduate automatically when all your courses are complete.

Before You Apply

How to Apply for Graduation

  1. Submit the graduation application.
  2. We will add the application fee to your account. This may take a few days.
  3. Pay the application fee online or in person at Student Financial Services.
  4. Watch your BC Student Email Account. You will get an email when your graduation review is complete. Note: Your student email account is not your Canvas inbox.

Application Deadlines

Planning to attend the commencement ceremony? Apply by May 3, 2019 to ensure your name is printed in the commencement program. You can still attend if you apply after May 3, but your name may not be in the program. Visit the commencement webpage for more information.

Quarter/Year Early Review Deadline Final Application Deadline
Winter 2019October 10March 8
Spring 2019December 10June 7
Summer 2019March 1August 2
Fall 2019June 1November 22

More Information

There is a fee to apply for graduation. The fee will be charged per application. If you apply for multiple degrees, there will be multiple fees.

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: $33
  • Associates Degrees: $21.50
  • Certificates 20 – 89 credits: $21.50
  • Certificates under 20 credits: no fee
  • High School Diploma: no fee

The application fee is non-refundable.

If you missed the final application deadline, please apply for the next quarter. Applications are reviewed in the order received. If all your courses are complete, we will award your degree as soon as we review your application.

The Graduation Office will review your application. If you applied by the early review deadline, you will receive the results of your graduation review before your final quarter starts. This will help you plan your final quarter in case you are missing any courses. If you applied after the early review deadline, you may not hear from us until the end of your final quarter. Applications are reviewed in the order received. It may take some time, especially during peak Spring and Summer graduation periods.

When your application is reviewed, we will send an email to your BC Student Email Account.Note: Your student email account is not your Canvas inbox.

If you are qualified to graduate, your degree will be added to your official transcript after all your required courses are complete. It usually takes several weeks to award all degrees at the end of the quarter. You can view your transcript online.

Please submit another graduation application. Choose the option “I already applied. I need to change my application.” This will erase your previous application and replace it. However, we will honor your original application date.

If you do not want to erase your old application (for example, you are getting multiple degrees), please choose “New Application”.

If you do not have a high school diploma, you are eligible to receive one from Bellevue College if you meet the following conditions:

  • You complete an Associates degree
  • You are over 21, or you were enrolled in Running Start

If you are under 21 and you were not enrolled in Running Start, you can apply for a High School Diploma after you turn 21.

How to Apply:

When you fill out your Associates degree application, you will see the option to get a High School Diploma too. Just click this option.

If you already graduated for your Associates degree, but did not request a high school diploma, please contact the Graduation Office. Email inquiries can be sent to  We can retroactively award you a high school diploma if you meet the conditions listed above.

Last Updated April 18, 2019