Admissions Tests

COVID-19 Virtual Testing

We understand that testing availability has been impacted by the current COVID19 situation. There are several different options if you are having difficulty finding a place to take your exams.

  • BC’s Testing Services has set up online testing options. Contact them for current information regarding their Writeplacer testing availability at this time.
    • For faster service, make sure you email from your Bellevue College email address, and include your First Name, Last Name, BC Student ID number, and the name of the test you wish to take.
    • The Nursing Program does not have any knowledge of the testing schedules, and cannot help you with scheduling your exam or contacting testing services.
  • Visit this link to locate an ACCUPLACER test center near you.
  • TEAS is now offered online. Create your account and register at A complete list of schools providing TEAS testing services will be provided when you begin the ATI TEAS Test registration process.
    • You do NOT need to send official reports to Bellevue College if you take the TEAS at a location other than Bellevue College.


Required for: Nursing Assistant Certified and Nursing AAS-T (associate degree in nursing or ADN)

The WritePlacer® test assesses the writing skills of applicants to the Nursing Assistant-Certified and Nursing AAS-T (ADN) programs. A minimum score of 4 is required for both programs. Applicants may take the test twice during the testing period prescribed for each program with one week between attempts. After that, students must wait six months before taking the test again and six months between all further attempts. WritePlacer Applicants are responsible for all testing fees. Test scores expire after one year, and no other test or coursework may substitute for the WritePlacer® exam. Please note that this is not the same as the ACCUPLACER® for English placement exam. 


Required for: Nursing AAS-T (associate degree in nursing or ADN)

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) assesses preparedness for the Associate degree in Nursing (ADN) program with questions on Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. A minimum score of 74% is required (no rounding up to that percentage). While we no longer restrict the number of times applicants may take the test during the testing period prescribed for the program, we encourage students to use previous test results to focus their preparation for retaking the test. Applicants are responsible for all testing fees, but do not need to send official ATI reports to Bellevue College. The test scores expire after one year and no other test or coursework may substitute for the TEAS™ exam.


Required for: RN-BSN students by the end of the second quarter of the RN-BSN program. 

The National Council Licensure Examination is required to become a Registered Nurse. The Bellevue College Nursing AAS-T (ADN) program prepares students to take the NCLEX® exam after graduation.

Last Updated February 16, 2021