ADN Prerequisite Validation

ADN Prerequisite Validation

If you have taken one or more of your required prerequisites at other colleges (either in Washington State or elsewhere), you need to confirm that your coursework will be accepted to meet the prerequisite requirements.  This entire process could take up to four weeks.

Fall ’24 applicants: March 15, 2024 is the priority deadline to submit official transcripts AND all Transfer Course Requests to Bellevue College.

Courses that have an “&” in the course number (BIOL&, PSYC&, etc) are common across the Washington community and technical colleges, and will transfer to Bellevue College as the same class. (Example: BIOL& 160 at another college would transfer to Bellevue College as BIOL& 160.)

  • These courses must still be transferred, but you do not have to “check” if they will be equivalent, as they already are.


Step 1

Assess your classes

See if your class is already an approved equivalent or substitution.

Step 2

Submit transcripts to BC Enrollment

Send your official transcripts to Bellevue College Enrollment.

Step 3

Submit a Transfer Credit Request

Fill out a Transfer Credit Request form for the Nursing AAS-T Degree.

Step 4

Look over your ctcLink Degree Progress (Academic Advisement Report)

Your Nursing AAS-T Academic Advisement Report will show the courses that have been successfully transferred to BC and which courses did not qualify as prerequisites.

Step 5

Check missing courses

If any courses are missing on your Nursing AAS-T Academic Advisement Report, check to see if they will fulfill the prerequisite requirements.

Last Updated March 26, 2024